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Do you still use your (previously) favorite character in SSBU?


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Dec 21, 2012
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Personally, I've used Adult Link throughout the Smash franchise. Mostly because, Well, I'm a Zelda junky. But Zelda fanboyism aside, I got really familiar with his move set. In Melee, Young Link was my secondary go to. However, in Smash ultimate I seemed to switch over to using DK. Why? Because the use of the "Remote Bombs".

Yes I know and understand that:
1.) They, Nintendo, want each character to match up with their most respective. recent, game release.
2.) I could just use Young Link or Toon Link.


A.) I feel that at least one of the outfits of Adult Link could've had the regular bombs.
B.) Young Link is actually "Slightly" weaker than his Adult form. Toon Link, has the same stats as Young Link, I'm not a fan of how he looks in SSB.

Yes, I know, "the other Melee/Brawl characters kept their same move sets. So you could've chose any of them right? True. But DK, since Melee, has been like a secondary, so I'm also really familiar with DK. I still keep Young Link as my secondary.
Yeah, I do. I've mained Peach and Zelda since their introductions to the series (with others on the side) and I'm very happy that they've made Zelda a higher tier than what she previously was in other games.


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Jun 16, 2020
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No, actually. When I first played Smash as a kid I immediately chose Link because Zelda was the main series I was interested in and Link was one of the few characters I recognized. But nowadays, after discovering Fire Emblem, I typically choose FE characters and main Marth with an Ike secondary in the games he appears. Link just doesn't fit the way I like to play, and Marth does. He's fast, great both in the air and on the ground, and has the awesome tipper mechanic. No projectiles or gimmicks to get in the way. He's played purely based on skill and I like that a lot.


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May 4, 2012
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I guess I mained Link and Fox in Melee but over time that just sorta stopped

for Brawl it was Lucas, I used him a bit in 4 but for Ultimate, not as much

Shulk was THE primary character I used in 4, and he's still in my tops for Ultimate but that's also shared by Snake and the Belmonts [though to be honest, Shulk might still be the character that I'm best at overall]
Kinda? I was a Lucina main in 4, and I still do use her sometimes, but I actually switched to maining Marth for Ultimate. Lucina has not seen many battles from me these days, but I wouldn't say I no longer use her.

Interestingly though, Ultimate is the first Smash Bros game where I don't use Toon Link as my secondary.

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I've been using Toon Link since Brawl, and I still do, but Link has overtaken him for my main. The changes made to him in Ultimate have made him better than ever, so I now like him more than his toon counterpart. Toon Link will always be one of my faves, though.

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Dec 2, 2012
Toon Link has probably been my "main" since Brawl, although I've never been one to use mains. He's probably consistently been the character I have the most fun with, though.


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Mar 18, 2019
My main in 64 was fox

Melee was young link

brawl and smash 4 was toon link (with Rosalina being a secondary in smash 4).

I’m not sure why I don’t main a link anymore. Maybe because I feel like his move set has gotten stale. Maybe because they all share a similar move set to each other. Either way I’m happy to have my main in ultimate be hero, with toon link being a “sometimes” character.

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