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Do You Stick With Your Starter?


8====D Shovel :D
May 4, 2012
Always <3 I would had never left my Charizard in pokemon blue nor my Swampert in Emerald. i just like mudkips :3
Jun 14, 2011
Usually I stick with my starter untill after I beat the elite four. Some games I stick with my starter after the Elite four and some games I stop using it Because there are other Pokémon I want to train and use.


Hero of Hoenn
Apr 9, 2012
The Land Between Regions
I always stick with my starter until I get to the point when I either A) leveled them up to level 50 (pre-Gen 4) or :cool: decide to train Pokemon for the Battle Tower/Frontier. Even when I have a weak starter, I picked them for a reason, so I keep them through thick and thin.


Apr 15, 2012
I stick with my starter. If I get a strong event pokemon I only use it if I have too, but I switch out a pokemon I do not need at the time. (but that deosn't mean that I don't loves them)
Dec 19, 2011
Well, for the most part yes, I keep my starter on my team for like ever... However there is one exception to that ... in Soul Silver... I got to one point in the game and when like... you know what? I am going to have a whole freaking team of eevees and eevee evolutions .... yeah...
Now its a team of level 80 plus of just eevees... hehehehe :P


The 8150th Link
Jul 26, 2010
I always stick with my starter, I mean it is the very first Pokemon you receive in any game; it is the only one that is with you the entire game (Unless you place it in the PC, trade it, or release it).
May 16, 2012
First play through of any game.. yes. then i transfer it to white. play throughs after that just depend on the one i pick

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