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Nintendo Do you prefer to play your Switch docked or handheld?

I always play it docked. It’s mostly because my joycons are super drifty so I play with a pro controller, but that’s not the only reason haha. I also love seeing a bigger image of the game, especially when I play Ori. The beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds have to be seen in the biggest and best resolution possible. Also I never take my Switch anywhere. It’s never been outside the house. I’m just not one to do that, I prefer relaxing on my couch with a pro controller in hand and playing on the tv.

So do you play mostly docked or handheld?
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It really depends on the game and my mood, but more often than not, I'll just go with handheld, because it's more accessible to a person like me with low motivation and focus. I do have to dock, however, if I plan to record any gameplay, and I'm fine with that.

I'm the exact same way. I almost always play handheld just because it feels way more convenient and I have to motivate myself less to actually play.

Plus my dock is set up in the living room so I can still play when others are up. And for Splatoon I think I play a lot better in handheld.

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Feb 22, 2021
I generally play it docked when I am playing games that I think are better on a big screen and before I got new joy cons I played it docked because one of my joycons were drifting and I really hated always dying because the character was moving when I wasn't telling it to. I only really play handheld mode when I am away from my house, I do prefer Animal Crossing and the Pokemon games on handheld mode. I really prefer the procontroller over the joycons. I got new joycons but I don't want to use them as much since they are the skyward sword ones and I want them to last a long time and I don't want the designs that are on it to fade.

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Handheld about 99% of the time. Handheld master race. I hate sitting in front of the TV for extended times. I like to lay on my bed and roll around and change position as needed. Plus it's also more satisfying to have the game in my hands up close and personal.

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I used to almost always play docked, and I still prefer docked to handheld, but lately I've been playing a bit more in handheld to have the freedom to go into different rooms and still play. Back when it was a bit cooler out I'd sometimes sit in my backyard and play too. I never used to take my switch around with me much, but I've been doing that a lot more too. While waiting to get my haircut 2 months ago I took my Switch with me and played to pass the time.


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I always play handheld because
1. My dad's switch is connected to the tv, it's usually in the dock so I don't want to touch it in case I break it.
2. I have trouble seeing stuff on the tv. It's really small, and for some reason I get confused with what's going on.
3. I can play when other people are using the tv.
Jun 2, 2021
For the longest time I played exclusively in handheld due to not having a suitable screen for docked play. Now I definitely prefer docked, but it depends on the game. All the first party releases I own play great on both. Skyward Sword is too awkward on handheld for me.


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Jun 16, 2020
Depends. About half and half, I'd say. I tend to go handheld when I just want to kick back in my chair to play something, but there's also times where I want the bigger screen for a more visually appealing game or to use my pro controller.


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Mar 27, 2020
I play it docked most of the time. I only do handheld for YouTube or I’m sitting on the couch.

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