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Do you play less video games than you used to?

Do you play more or less video games than you used to?

  • I barely play them now

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  • I play them less

    Votes: 13 59.1%
  • I play about the same amount

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • I play them more

    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • I'm basically always playing them

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King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018
As time has passed, I've noticed that I've spent less and less time playing video games. Part of it is because I have less free time, but most of it is that I tend to use what free time I have to do different things, generally.

Has anyone else experienced this or the opposite as they've gone through life?

Usurper King Zant

King of Twilight
Oct 3, 2018
Palace of Twilight
I play less now, but due to the life changes.

I have much less time to play now, can't commit myself to staying all night playing because I got to go to work in the morning.

Then there is my son, with whom I spend every moment when I'm at home and he's awake.

So, I play games in the evening before going to sleep, if he's already asleep.


Staff member
ZD Legend
I play much less than I used to when I was younger. It’s just hard to find the time between studying, working, adulting etc. I try and play as much as I can but I don’t think I’ll ever play as much as I used to again.
Oct 31, 2018
Hyrule Castle
it's about the same proportionally. In my free time I've always dedicated it to playing video games since I was really young. Now that I'm not in school and I have a part-time job, I have more free time than I ever had before, so I play games more now than ever before, but only because I'm not as busy.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
ZD Legend
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
honestly, I think I play them more than when I was a kid, of course there are those times where I go a couple days w/o playing due to school assignments and such, but we factor that out, then my play time would be about the same or even more


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
I play much less than I used to but that's because I have a job and responsibilities so I can't just play video games all day.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
This past year I've played videogames far more often than I have my entire gaming life before this. Generally this is because of the Switch and how I've gotten addicted to indie games. Before, I used to play my favourite games for a while and then put the controller down for months at a time. In the past year, the longest I've gone without playing has been about a week, and the reason for that was that I was out of the country and didn't want to take the chance bringing the Switch with me. Outside of that I generally pick it up to play something every couple of days.
My motivation has a big roadblock with gaming for me, and I haven't played them as much in the past five years as I used to. There is the occassional title that will transcend my broken gaming habits, though this is more likely to happen if it's something I can play handheld. I appreciate the Switch for being easily accessible to me in thay regard. It's the perfect console for someone who gets debilitated by depression as often as myself.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
I think I probably play about the same amount. While I certainly play fewer console games (my last purchase before Breath of the Wild had been Skyward Sword), that mostly relates back to money. I rarely feel the desire to drop 50$+ on a game, I'm always worried that that money could go towards something else. But I realized that I probably supplement the lack of console games with online games or flash games. I typically play games like Town of Salem or some random flash game of the day in place of bigger, longer games.

Alita the Pun

Oct 6, 2016
Nintendo Memeverse
A Mellophone Player... Mellophonista?
I have seen myself transition from console games to PC games. the only reason for this is because my family is often on the TV when I want to play so it's unavailable. the amount of time I play fluctuates depending on what time of year. School year ~2 -5 hours a week. Break seasons ~8-12 hours a week


Well well well
Jul 5, 2017
I used to game 24/7 when I was younger, however since growing up and having tons of responsibilities, I find myself playing them less, especially the online games like COD that focuses on multiplayer. If I do get it, I usually just buy single player games with a focus on story instead of multiplayer.


Keep it strong
Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
I play significantly less. Even just five years ago I was playing a wide variety of games, keeping up with news and announcements, and had multiple systems to play on. Now I rotate between two games and find it incredibly difficult to find the motivation to start playing any of the ones I've bought over the years, or to stick with them if I do. I started Valkyria Chroinicles about three weeks ago and haven't touched it since. I did the same with The Witcher 2 even before that. I've had Hollow Knight, Shadow Tactics, Ruiner, and Prey ready to be played for months and I've not had a single moment when I felt compelled to, even when I've been sitting in my room doing literally nothing dying of boredom. I spend a lot more of my free time these days reading or watching Youtube videos and video games as a whole are significantly less interesting to me than they used to be.

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