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Do you love or hate Revali? And why?

Moe the Moblin

We Are Number One
Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
if I had to choose between the two I'd pick love, but a lot of what others have already said holds true
the character ensemble is just unimpressive, Revali is the only character shown to have depths and complexities as a person especially in the champion's ballad where you clearly see how high of a standard he pushes himself to. He's not just hard on others, he's hard on himself too and just doesn't show it out of pride.
Jul 14, 2019
I played Revali's Divine Beast last, and so by the time he came along I was utterly indifferent to him. I felt like the other Champions had a personal connection with Link and I had truly enjoyed watching their past relationships with him unfold in cutscenes and memories. As such, Revali was the outlier and a little underwhelming to me when compared with the other Champions.

I guess my problem with him is that I was expecting a more thorough and meaningful interaction with Link. I didn't feel he was a bad character, I just got unlucky and my opinion of him would likely be different had I encountered him first or second in the beast chain.
May 7, 2018
Champions are just a dumb concept in general so I "hate" Ravioli by default. Just get a team of bokos to pilot the damn divine beasts. Who tf cares.


ZD Champion
Dec 12, 2019
On the Game make side : Revali's voice is 'irritating' when the flight gauge fills up.it sounds rude , mocking and un-gamely
on the other hand : Mipha's Grace voice is soothing & comforting.
I have only got these for the time being , so that was my take on Revali's voice acting.


Braava Braava
ZD Legend
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
He's an absolute douchenozzle dude acts likea condescending asshole to link and mocks him near constantly, takes the piss outta him for being down for 100 years then treats it like "luck" that link freed him, yeah no, he had no adaptability which for a bow wielder you'd think he'd have, in a fight in the skies against a creature using his own element he lost miserably proving he was just bird stuffing than has the gall to act like a prick the moment link shows up to help him. Link proves he's more skillful and then revali yet again acts like a dick his beast doesn't even do alot of damage on it's own 1/8 of the final bosses health yeesh talk about thinking too much about your capabilities.

There is literally no like Revali dudes a collossal asswipe, out of all the champions glad he died the most. Such a useless asshole.
Mar 18, 2019
He’s yet another example of that classic character trope that Zelda can’t seem to get enough of. You know, the same one that tatl, ezlo, Midna, Linebeck, and Groose all have. Yeah he’s easily the most complex of the 4, but it’s not like that’s a very high bar. I hate the way he’s designed, though I share this complaint with all of the Rito in BotW. I will give him one thing: he’s not a stereotype of his race like the other 3, instead he’s just falco. Overall I still prefer him to “cliché zora” and “cliché gerudo,” but he’s far from my favorite character in the series, or even BotW for that matter.
Jan 29, 2020
I love to hate him, honestly. I like yelling at him when Revali's Gale isn't ready. He's the one where I'm thinking 'gosh, THIS GUY RIGHT HERE MAN!' But at the same time, I'm glad he's that way. It's interesting, it's fun to take jabs at him because he's so arrogant. (Yeah, I always talk to my games, shows, movies....) I also really like his voice.


Oct 12, 2019
planet earth
i don't know about revali but i certainly like raviolis

Seriously, even though revali has the personality of a total jerk, he has at least personality and hes pretty rememorable, so he has a bad personality but on a good way. At least hes not just a boring and tasteless character.

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