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Do you like your boss?

I work two jobs at the moment and i'm lucky enough to have two great bosses.

I've had horrible bosses in the past though, some of which caused me to quit my job, so i've seen both sides of the world in that respect.

Do you like your boss where you work?

Jack Slothington

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Dec 2, 2012
I actually really do. My boss is a super chill dude, easy to talk to outside of work, really easy going, and lets us take off basically as much time as we want.


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Jul 6, 2011
I like our practice manager mainly for the comedy value. She is a fearsome woman, 6ft tall and half as wide. She doesnt take **** from anyone. If unsavoury types try to come in she will tell them to bugger off and they will quickly scarper. We are located in an area which is unfortunately full of scumbags and drunks so it happens quite a bit. She also spends most of her time smoking right outside the front of the practice which is amusing considering we are supposed to be promoting health.
Jun 14, 2011
At the moment, I have no gripes with my Manager personally but there have been problems. It's come to the point where most of my co-workers are fed up with her and have threatened to leave because of her attitude towards them.

I know it's only stacking shelves, but the amount of priorities we have to follow before we even put the stock on the shelf, it has on most occations become impossible to complete the work. And when things go wrong, my manager really rips into them to the point that she theatens to fire them. It's fine to tell off staff if the work isn't getting done, but there is a fine line between discipline and bordeline bullying, and my manager outright bullies the staff by swearing at them, making them feel like s*** and make it out like she is the only one who does anything right around the workplace.

After working for the company I work for a few years now, I know the manager does alot more behind the scenes than the others know, but she is far from perfect. She can't write rotas properly, You can't walk up to her and ask for help without panicing, she is extremely favortist to certain staff members and she puts off important stuff that needs to be done.

Overall I think my manager is all bark and no bite and does nothing substantual. In a way I'm greatful for this because if she did things by the book, I would of been out of a job ages ago, and I wouldn't of been as good as a worker I am now. I guess my main problem with my manager so far is that she doesn't appreciate how long I've put up with her attitude and the extra effort I put in to make customers happy. For now I'm just keeping my head down and staying on her good side.

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