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Do You Like the Idea of Naming You Bird.

Nov 26, 2008
You can't name your Loftwing. Here's the link.
That's not really enough to convince me you can't name your Loftwing. It would seem exceedingly weird for you to be unable to, considering it seems pretty clear that he doesn't actually have a name as far as we know, and that even though Epona did, you could still name her in Twilight Princess. Skyward Sword is playing off numerous elements from TP, so I don't see why they'd drop this. We'll see I guess.

It would be kinda awesome to name the bird "The Condor", but if they actually let you name your bird, for my first playthrough I'd probably pick "Zephyr".


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Sep 16, 2011
It would be cool if they let you name your Loftwing, although whatever its actual name is; I'm going to go with. Just because, I like official stuff, dunno why.

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