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Do you like Babies?

Do you like babies

  • Yes

    Votes: 12 37.5%
  • God no.

    Votes: 20 62.5%

  • Total voters


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
Really? I wouldn't count ones best attempts at repeating verbatim lines from last nights episode of Family Guy as "conversation."
No, but I would call intelligible interaction within their limited scope of experience conversation, which is vastly superior.


Meme Connoisseur
Jul 30, 2015
I’m really not fond of them, no. Especially when their parents are obnoxiously clucky, or take them on lengthy plane/train/bus trips when they do nothing but cry the whole way. My favourite recollection is one set of parents who did nothing about a soiled diaper (#2) for an entire duration an 8 hour flight. Nostrils were thoroughly accosted.

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