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Do You Know Anyone Named Link in Real Life?


Infinite Dreamer
Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
I was contemplating that while Link is a bit of an obscure name, it's not completely unused.

I personally don't know anyone named Link in real life.

But from other people, I was wondering two things:

(a) Could it be that you do? Or if you don't know anyone personally, someone you've heard of?
(b) If you do, do you inherently associate the name "Link" with LoZ and thus find it somewhat awkward to know someone of the same name, since the image of a certain hero is linked so strongly to the name in your head?
If you don't know someone personally, then hypothetically do you think you would find it strange? (catch the pun? ^^)

In my head, the name "Link" has an ingrained association with LoZ's famed Link, so I think I would have the problem of picturing the Hero of Time every time the name would be uttered aloud. However, if I were to become good friends with this "Link," I think I would probably learn to dissociate Zelda with the identity of my personal friend.

Other people's thoughts?


Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 27, 2011
Well, anytime I hear of someone named "Mario" I think of, well, Nintendo's Mario, and anytime I meet someone named "Lisa" I think of the Simpsons....

Never even imagined meeting someone named link, but I suppose it'd be the exact same way for me.


Infinite Dreamer
Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Ahh true Justeazy, the name Mario is also linked in my head to a certain red-hat-wearing plumber ^^

I'm pretty sure Link isn't an actual name.
Yet I've seen it used in places. Have you seen the Broadway musical Hairspray? The male main love interest's name is Link.

I link you to this:

Skip to about 1:52....
Did you hear it? :facepalm: I can't think of Hairspray now without thinking of Zelda....
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Sep 20, 2008
I love the name Link. I wish it was my name. Actually, I wish I had a few different names. So add link to the list!

And alike you Sari, the only Link I know is the one in the musical Hairspray. (Which was a really good musical. I'm not a huge fan, but I liked Hairspray)


Ganondorf Incarnate
Feb 12, 2011
Dark Realm
I don't know anyone personally Named Link, but I was in a restaurant and the waiter called Link, party of three....and I'm NOT kidding!
And I heard the HairSpray one...huh..I did not know that... :O


I don't suffer from it ..
Jun 17, 2010
The pilot of Morpheus' ship in Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions was named Link, though he too is a fictional character. As far as in real life, I've never known a Link. I did go to school with a girl named Griselda however, which Zelda is a nickname for. That's about as close as I can get.


ᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀs ᴀɴᴅ ᴅɪsᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀs
Jun 23, 2010
Herts, England
I've never met someone specifically called 'Link'. The closest I can say is knowing a Lincoln who used Link/Linc as a shortened version of their name.


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
The first thing I thought of when reading this topic was Link Larkin from Hairspray (as was already mentioned). I am pretty sure I have heard of another fictional chatacter named Link though, although I cannot remember from where. As for real life, I have yet to come across anyone with this name.

Caleb, Of Asui

I don't know anyone personally named Link, but it would be really cool to know someone with any video game name. There's a lady I sorta-kinda know who named her son after a character in Final Fantasy VII. I can't remember who, but I think it was a female character. >.>

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this, but has anyone ever heard of Rhett and Link from YouTube? There's a real person named Link for ya. I don't watch them, but I've heard a bit about them.
Jul 2, 2009
Link comes from the Japanese's name for Link: Rinku. Or something like that.

I don't know whether or not there are people named Rinku in Japan.

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