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Do you eat vegetarian if you're in the company of vegetarians?

So I was in a rather weird position not too long back when I didn't know the company I was with was a vegetarian.

We were out for a meal and I ordered first (ordered meat) and they ordered the vegetarian option because they were a vegetarian, which they told me after the fact.

Which had me feeling rather uncomfortable as I ate my meal...

But... i'm not sure I should have felt uncomfortable, I just didn't want to offend them...

Would you personally eat a vegetarian meal in the company of a vegetarian (or vegan or whatever) if you had the choice?


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Feb 18, 2010
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Nope would still order what piques my interest, people these days are too focused about worrying what other will think if they go against the group consensus. Eat what you want is what i say.

Honestly though if they aren't ass' they won't even comment on your choice if they are just go with "i don't judge you for what you eat so kindly don't judge me for my food choices"
That has actually worked ridiculously well the few times i've had to use it.


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Aug 1, 2012
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I don’t feel like it matters. Just because they have differing beliefs than you doesn’t mean you should adhere to their beliefs. It would be like if someone was reading a bible while you were reading a non-fiction book and forcing yourself to read the Bible just because the person you were with was reading it. (That’s a stupid analogy but you get my point)


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Jul 6, 2011
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I would just order what I wanted the most. Still I think veggies are within their right to comment on a meat eaters lifestyle choice and explain the benifits of being vegetarian. Obviously if they are dicks about it then they won't be successful in their conversion and may lose their friends but they shouldn't have to keep quiet about it if they are passionate.


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Jun 22, 2016
my brothers gf is veggie and sometimes we all eat veggie food and others we have meat and get a small veggie meal for her..
Jan 1, 2019
It depends, there are multiple ways of being a vegetarian - no meat is to be expected (but sometimes people only do not want to eat animals that can help humans, like horses, donkeys, etc.), but whether fish, eggs, milk is OK differs from person to person.
I do like fish a lot so I really do not mind to not eat meat for once, knowing that I can make the other person happy with it. But generally, I would rather eat what I like, which could be meat too.

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Oct 2, 2016
My sister is vegetarian and I eat meat around her all the time. But we do also make dinner together sometimes, and sometimes we'll make a vegetarian meal and others we'll make something and then I'll add meat to my own.

I don't think any serious vegetarian expects others to eat vegetarian meals just because they're in their presence.


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Jun 18, 2011
Nope, to put it this way, I had two vegan friends visit me this summer, and I ate what I wanted to eat and they ate what they wanted and it was never any issue with either party. They went with me so I could pick up something to eat at McDonalds, and I helped them read through grocery labels (since they were Brits and thusly did not understand Norwegian) to make sure there were no animal products in any of the things they bought.


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I wouldn’t not eat meat just because I was with a vegetarian. I would go out of my way to find a restaurant that had options for both of us though, but I’d rather have the option to eat meat.
Oct 14, 2013
I will eat whatever I want to infront of them. Just like they eat whatever they want to infront of me.
If what I choose is vegetarian or not, it's whether I want it, not who I am with that dictates my choice.

Though asking restaurants if their meat is halal certified or not is fun. I do my research before hand though. I mostly ask them to see if they tell the truth or lie.

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