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Disappointing Direct Sequels

Sep 22, 2022
Inside the walls
For me, it'd be Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Not a bad game by any means at all, but it didn't have the same feel as the original GBA titles.

There were a whole slew of problems with it, too-- enemies in the next-to-final area are weak to all elements, and if you beat an enemy with an element they're weak to, you get double the exp, so you don't even have to grind that much for the endgame to be laughably easy; there are several completely arbitrary points-of-no-return in the game, which means you can miss hidden items, and more importantly, djinni, thus becoming unable to get the best summons in the game. One of the party members, Himi, barely has any presence in the story and feels like an afterthought-- this is a shame, too, since she's a unique earth-element caster rather than the standard physical fighter.

It's still an enjoyable game, but compared to the games that came before... yeah, it's disappointing.
Phantom Hourglass is a pretty disappointing sequel to The Wind Waker. It has some of the worst dungeons in the franchise. Plus, the Temple of the Ocean King is infuriatingly annoying. At least the final boss is solid.

Both Super Mario Bros. sequels are disappointing. The Lost Levels is way more similar to SMB1 than the NSMB games are too each other. Plus, the level design is awful with BS like sending you back to past worlds. SMB2 USA just doesn't feel like a Mario game, and it's also quite short.


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That Temple of the Ocean King slander hurts me.

Anyway, Wario Land 3. Its literally just Wario Land 2 again, but with a needlessly complicated progression system. Listen, I love Metroidvanias, but they simply don’t work well in games with individual levels like Wario Land. Also, it might be just me, but all of the bad parts of Wario Land 2 feel like they’re even worse here.

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