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Disappointed American Pokemon fans are asking President Trump to halt sales of Sword and Shield

Feb 7, 2014
This is just the "Shaggy for MK11" thing all over again; someone made a joke and now it's become another forced meme. Y'all taking this way too seriously.

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Feb 4, 2016
Sword and Shield WILL sell well regardless of what has been happening. Of the people who said they hated the game or are boycotting it, like Deus said, only a fraction of them are actually committed to actually boycotting the game. Plus Pokemon has familiarity. People like familiar. This will certainly contribute to Pokemon selling regardless of what they do. Plus their target demographic of younger kids, while certainly are in tune with the internet and what's happening, won't have the attention span to commit to a boycott.
If a product is truly crap and people care enough they won't buy it. I know full well that most of these moaning people will buy the game. They don't care enough. They're weak willed and they will pay for it by contributing to the ruination of the franchise they claim to love.

But for those who are genuine about not supporting I am sure there are other turn based RPGs out there that are just as good for those people to financially contribute to.
Can confirm when the rage is true and strong a boycott will stick.

That's why I don't own an Xbox One and don't own Killer Instinct for it.

Dammit, Rare! You broke my heart and went off with Microsoft! I will never give Microsoft or you my money or time. KI shouldn't have left Nintendo!

Whyyyyyy, whyyyyyyyy, dammit!!



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Jul 6, 2011
I don't think there are many turn based RPGs that really match pokemon in terms of popularity or notoriety, you say if a product is truly crap no one will buy it, but it will still have a redeeming factor (as it inevitably does) to save it. Even if it didn't, people would still buy it to just say how bad it was.

To be quite honest most devs these days don't care enough themselves about the came hence they can just shift out ****ty games it's not just the consumer at the end of the day who balls it up.
I don't mean nobody at all. I probably didn't word that the way I meant. The mindless masses will still probably buy into it just like they buy into COD every year. But I mean a lot of hardcore Pokémon fans will find something similar to move on to. I'm not a fan of turn based RPG's so I don't know what's out there but if Pokémon no longer hits the spot there is gonna be a demand for a game that does.


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Jun 23, 2019
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"Mr. President, we don't like this completely harmless videogame! Please stop whatever you're doing to BAN it because we don't want other people to even try it!"

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