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Ocarina of Time Did You Really Find the Water Temple As Hard As People Say?

Nov 29, 2010
This level took me 3 weeks to complete.
And i played it 3 to 4 hours each day.
I found it hard finding the keys and getting the water to the right height to go further in the level.
I could have used a guide or walkthrough to help me but i di nit believe in walkthroughs.

I nearly always get near the end and realise i have forgotten a key.

Even now having completed this level hundreds of time over the last 13 yrs i still find it difficult and frustrating,enjoyably frustrating.

Caleb, Of Asui

The Water Temple isn't necessarily strictly very much harder than the rest of the dungeons, but perhaps a bit more annoying if you have a problem with having to pause to switch in and out of the iron boots (which, of course, is to be fixed in the 3DS version). The thing with water dungeons in general in the Zelda series is that it requires a different kind of thinking. You have to think in three dimensions because of the way the functionality of the water levels works. You have to think "hmm, I haven't been in this room here yet, so what water level will allow me to reach it?" based on both the fact that certain objects float, creating or blocking paths, and that you can only swim up as far as the water goes. I don't think Ocarina's Water Temple was really too tricky in that respect. I remember there being a lot of side sections within which you would have to collaborate the water level independently from the dungeon's big central room. In all honesty, I found Majora's Mask's Great Bay Temple far more confusing in that regard, since it implements more types of levers and whatnot and the changing of water flow will effect you more throughout the entire dungeon.

Hylian Wolf

It always confuses me. I always end up having to fix the water level a billion times...:tektite:
Apr 27, 2011
No I didnt becuase I used the ZD video guide step by step, took some steps paused it , took a couple of more steps. The only reason I did this was becuase I have heard nothing but horrible things about this place. I was dreading it. I didnt want it to destroy my Zelda experience becuase the game wasnt altogether control smasher frustrating up to this point. I didnt want to take that chance, get stuck, and never come back to the game.


Todo is the pfuf!
Apr 28, 2011
The Iron boots are actually only necessary about half of the time as most people think as long as you have already gotten the Gold Scale.
Since most of places you need to go down you immediately go right back up at the other end. You also avoid the clams in a few places, so it's really much easier and less annoying if you've tried to get around without the Iron Boots.


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
The first time, I did. One reason was that I have bad spatial skills, and it was hard to tell if I was coming or going, especially if I got distracted by having to fight enemies, or the change of a camera angle.

The biggest reason it took me two months of frustration, and a year to decide to go back in, was that I could not find that one small key that was underneath the platform in the central pillar when the water level is raised. I checked the whole rest of the temple meticulously.

By contrast, the biggest problem I had with the Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well, was fear of ReDeads... the levels themselves were actually much easier than the Water Temple.


Warrior of the Past
Dec 22, 2009
Thank you, I have been looking for this thread.

The first time I went through the infamous Water Temple I was fearing horribly frustrating puzzles and traps I hadn't ever seen before. Yes, the number of keys and water level got confusing every once and a while, especially with the whole 3D aspect, but in the end, the Water Temple was the same difficulty for me as any other dungeon. I also got a later start on the Zelda series than most people, and I had already played Twilight Princess, the Wind Waker, and Oracle of Ages.

I admit, it did have its frustrating moments, but it was nothing worse than some collection of other dungeons from other games in my personal past including (but not limited to) Snowhead Ruins and the Water Temple from TP and Jabu-Jabu's Belly from OoA (which is arguably the hardest Zelda in terms of puzzles.)

So for me, personally, the Water Temple did not stand out as an especially difficult dungeon, but just another frustration. It really didn't stand out to me. Also, I had known by then to check every single room and path for treasure chests or keys by the time I played OoT, so I almost never missed a small key.

In conclusion, I have a theory: for Zelda followers who had been with the franchise from the beginning and especially were not used to thinking in the third dimension, this puzzle of a dungeon was probably memorably difficult. For people like me, the Water Temple was pretty much just another dungeon.


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
I was certainly aware of the hype when I first entered the Water Temple. It was not a fear of difficulty that overshadowed the game, but rather, the possibility of not being able to proceed (I had heard that if you used your keys improperly, you may have to reset you entire game). Even so, I prevented any chance of that occuring by simply copying my save file. Either way, I was paranoid in that Dungeon. For the first portion of it, every door I entered, I checked a guide to make sure I was using the right key/moving in the right direction. However, I soon realized that there really was no overpowering threat to it.
In all reality, I've found the Water Temple to be one of the easiest in the later game. It's relatively straightforward (just large, but each door seems to flow into the next). The enemies within are few and far between, and all can be defeated relatively simply. The boss is also rather easy. As for the constant pausing of the game- it was annoying at points, but not terribly frustrating. I can certainly tell why there is so much hype, but cannot say I had the same "frustrating" experience.


For the Greater Good.
Apr 3, 2011
That place you can never find.
I never really had any issues with the Water Temple, but I have never really liked the Water Temples' bosses. While they are easy, I've never had problems defeating them, I don't really enjoy fighting water based enemies. I did miss one key though but the was more stupidity than the Temple design. (I should really use the maps more)


Ordon Village
May 27, 2010
Ordon Village
Yes, I found the Water Temple extremely difficult the first time I played. I wasn't that young either. I just kept getting lost, forgetting where to go when the water level changed, where to change the water levels in the first place.....

I still have all those problems every time I play. Sometimes I remember things better than others. I have a really hard time when I haven't played in a long time.

I'm taking a break from OoT though. Last time I played on the wii, as soon as I beat the water temple, and I went to shoot the arrow into the sun, my game froze.

I hadn't saved it yet. :mad:


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
Yup. I really hate that temple! It drives me nuts!!!! But my dad beat it in like lemme see 5 MINUTES!!!! :mad: UGH I hate water temple


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
The first time I played it, I did find it confusing. It probably took me about 2 weeks to beat. But of course, now it's a lot easier and I can probably beat it within an hour. Although it's been a while, so I can't quite remember.
It's still not the easiest thing by any means, but I don't think it's near as difficult as people make it out to be.


Sage of Destiny
Jul 1, 2010
Chamber of Sages
Actually no. Maybe its cause i followed the walkthrough on this site, (which i reccomend) but the only annoing part was backtraking, which is featured a lot in zelda temples.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010
Simple answer: NOPE. : D

But let me elaborate.
I read so many walkthroughs, so many articles and videos on the Water Temple before I got to it, because everyone I talked to said it was the hardest temple in the game.
Me, being the scatterbrained person I am when it comes to video games, was terrified of the prospect of the water temple. I had had issues with Twilight Princess' before, and was wondering if I would be spending the same six hours in this one. So when I came to the Water Temple in OoT, I was feeling pretty anxious about the whole thing. At first glance, my fears felt like they had been realized. This temple looked like a labyrinth! I was going to spend all day on this dungeon, wasn't I?

But I was (thankfully), wrong! The Water Temple proved to be very fun! One of my favorites from this game. 8D It was not as challenging as I thought it would be, in fact, I had more trouble with the Forest Temple. xD It really suprised me how easy it was. Soooo yes, I learned that just because other people had a problem with it doesn't mean I would (even though I was sure it was inevitable. I'm... not that good at video games. XDDD) and it was so very fun. Probably my second favorite temple in OoT. :3 I think it was the puzzles that I loved the most, they're very inventive.

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