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Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

Did You Like Twilight Princess?

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luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
There's no getting around it. Basic question: Did you like Twilight Princess, as a game, on its own? Not compared to Ocarina of Time, not compared to Wind Waker, just by itself. I know this has been reiterated many times, but my question is completely frank. Did you like it as a game? Not even as a Zelda game, just as a video game? Why or why not? Don't just say, "Oh, it was a rehash of OoT, the plot was dumb," etc. Post real reasons why or why not YOU liked TP.

I did like TP, and I still do. It is my favorite Zelda game. My reasons being, well, to start, it introducing me to the epicness that is Zelda. In my humble opinion, I thought the plot was very interesting, before I even played OoT or knew the origins of the Zelda franchise. In some cases, the character developement seemed lacking, but in most, it didn't. I love how Nintendo included little quirks in the characters, like Collin's affections for Beth, Telma's... erm... rather awkward moments, but most of all, the conflictions they showed Princess Zelda had to deal with.

As far as actual gameplay, it was very easy. We all know that. In that way, it was perfect to introduce me to the Zelda series. The controls themselves, at least in the GameCube version, were very fluid and smooth, and I enjoyed Link's sword mechanics and the introduction of the Hidden Skills.

Yeah, graphics don't matter, but who cares? The graphics were great. I often don't explore areas or just sit around and watch the sky in video games like I did with TP. The music was also very catchy, I can personally remember themes from almost every dungeon or overworld area. The only part that seemed overdone was the Malo Mart Theme....

What about you? Get down to the point. Did you like Twilight Princess as a free-standing game, not compared to anything else, just by itself?


*Insert title here*
Feb 9, 2011
Midwestern US
I enjoyed the game immensely. It was very enjoyable and it entertained me like a video game should.

The story was interesting. There were a few weak points, but I believe all stories have them. In comparison to other Zelda games, this had one of the more complex stories. It felt like they were trying something a bit different because the Triforce played such a small role. Even Ganondorf's part in the story was downplayed (even though he was revealed as the mastermind, there was still more focus on Zant) and so, story-wise, it felt fresh. The characters were also very good and more fleshed out. To me, most of the game felt like an interactive movie and I really liked that. It got me more invested in what I was doing.

I also liked the smoothness of the controls on the Gamecube version (not as much on the Wii). The combat system was amazing and made fighting Darknuts and the final battle enjoyable. The only thing I think would have really made the gameplay more difficult was increasing the AI of the enemies. If they would have adapted to your attacks (if that would have been possible) or something like that, it would have been better. But overall, I had a lot of fun using the different sword techniques. Fighting on Epona was also a great addition.

I loved the art style. The dungeons looked amazing and so did the bosses. The entire game was very beautiful. The use of cutscenes also pleased me. They made the story interesting and made the dialogue feel more natural.

I know I'm a minority in this, but I liked that the game was linear. I much prefer having a pretty straight-forward main story. It makes it much easier to pick up the game after not playing for a while. The only thing I wished it had more of are mini-games and sidequests. Even without those, though, the game is still fun to pick up and replay.


Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
I do enjoy the game LoZ TP. It had an interesting plot and items. The characters had some really awsome scenes being affectionated towarda others. Perplexing puzzels and dungeons that r so amazing. I think this game was interesting than oot. But OoT is an awsome game.


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
The utter grace of Twilight Princess is hoped to be reflected within my words:

Gameplay - I first tried TP out on the Wii, at a friend's, and from what I remember, it flowed with less quality than I would've liked, and the pointer kept getting in the way when I fought enemies. So then I bought a copy for the my GameCube and immediately fell in love with it. The controls were much smoother and made combat scenarios seem much more realistic, for me. This is likely due to playing Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask over the years prior to it's release. If I was to pick a flaw in gameplay I'd have to pick me, because when I'm playing it's my fault every time I die or fail to block a strike/projectile. Oh yeah, and the Hidden Skills are BOSS! 9.9/10

Graphics - Not that these are everything, but they do help contribute to the atmosphere of the game--and the blurry animations of Twilight Princess certainly did contribute in my sights. Despite the typical dull lighting surrounding TP's Hyrule, these graphics gave way to beautiful, well-sculpted lands that amaze me every time I tread through them, on horseback or foot. I can really only complain about the ordinary dimness in my own room, as I don't want to play in the dark all the time since it's said to be bad for the eyes. But without further digression, I believe these are the best graphics Nintendo has utilized in Zelda, and I would've liked to see them in SS, but that's for a different post. 9.5/10

Characters - It's been said that Twilight Princess has the blandest characters to date. Sadly, I must agree...at least with the NPCs in Castle Town. All minor characters played their parts pristinely: the children kidnapped from Ordon worked to repair Kakariko Village, Ilia struggled to find her own identity as well as Link's, Colin sought recovered after his second abduction and became a source of hope among the children, almost a leader in Link's absence, and the band of resistence in Telma's Bar even took on a new role, which was to bring down Ganon's rule by attrition. Other characters such as Midna and Zelda should go without expounding on them. 9.7/10

Music - Contrary to the statements of many, TP has some of the best musical selections ever, and not solitarily to the thanks of more advanced sound qualities. Ilia's Theme has joined the ranks of other soft Zelda songs, such as Zelda's Lullaby from OoT and Tatl and Tael from MM. Not only this, but the "orchestrated" version of Hyrule Field as well, which may seem like a jacked-up version of Ilia's, but it has a tempo diverse enough to differentiate it. The Dungeon music is not uninteresting, either; it perfectly sets the air for all of them (OK, maybe not so much for the Water Temple, as it was rather quiet, but the others were great for me). 9.6/10

Overall - Twilight Princess is a fantastic story, but it takes a clear mind to see past its exterior attributes, and into the things that makes it tremendous. I've only touched base on the few things I find permeating within it. For others: look at the friendship between Colin and Link, the bond developed among Midna and Link, the loyalty to Hyrule that Rusl and Co. have in getting to the bottom of the evil infesting their lands, and chief of all the utter determination Midna bears in the liberation of the Twili, and then being sure the Light Realm is made safe by the dethronement of Ganondorf as a sort of way to alleviate all the troubles inflicted by Twilight. 9.9/10
Feb 19, 2011
At Home.
I love to play the legend of twilight princess but right now im working on the game ocarina of time but twilight princess was like really good graphics and i liked the bosses and everything so im going to have to say i love twilight princess! (for the wii)
Oct 12, 2010
I liked TP not just for its storyline, but the music was phenominal. I remember first walking into Hyrule field and my jaw dropped at the vastness of it all. And the graphics were, well, stunning. 'nuff said.


I only played the Wii version, but I plan to pick up the Gamecube version.

The Graphics on the Wii are some of the best graphics I EVER seen on the Wii. Thought the graphics don't make the game lets get down to the gameplay.
Hyrule fields, when I first walked into it, it was HUGE! It takes awhile to run from one point to another. I liked to be able to Transform from Human to Wolf anytime (After you get the Master Sword). I was not a big fan of the Twilight. I just thought it was boring. Anyhow, the Wii controls were a little sensitive, but they did work. The sword worked well, just swing you wiimote.

I did enjoy the game. I liked it alot, but I wouldn't say its one of my favorites.


Zelda Fan Girl
Jun 13, 2010
SkyView Temple
Twilight Princess is a good game but I didn't enjoy it as much as OOT WW or MM mainly because the Dungeons are not as enjoyable to me. I only liked half of the Dungeons:) And the story wasn't as good as The Wind Waker;) but its still a very good Zelda game just not one of my favourites.


Ordon Village
May 27, 2010
Ordon Village
Yes, I really love Twilight Princess. I play it often. A lot of times I just like to run around and play around with Epona or the various parts of the world, since it's so pretty.
Feb 25, 2011
Awesome game.

:)I LOVE Twilight Princess!!! It was my first Zelda game, and is my favorite. The graphics were great, the story and cutscenes were awesome, and I enjoyed the feeling of epicness that it had.


Mar 28, 2010
Great Bay, Racing the Beaver Brothers
Yes, overall I loved it! There are many things that bothered me, but they were so small compared to the good things about this game. TP is my 2'nd favorite Zelda game so there's not much I can complain about besides the bosses and blue rupees.


ಠ_ಠ mr. Observant
Sep 4, 2010
Tokyo, Japan
Yes I did why wouldn't you?! and why is it mocked all the time by random people?! it was an awesome game right? I mean... its a great game! i truly don't know why people hate it so much... (not you guys though XD of course you guys are awesome! XD)
Feb 5, 2011
Twilight Princess is tied with Wind Waker and Majora's Mask for me. I don't have a exact favorites list though.

The game was amazing, I logged almost 120 hours on it. But for me, 120 hours wasn't something I wanted to replay.

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