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Did You Know...?

godess reborn

Blame The Cricket
Jan 29, 2012
Turn around...
Wow. Those are some very interesting facts!

1. No, I played the 3ds version of OoT. Either they changed it or I never noticed.

2. No, but as TheBlueReptile said, there are some errors in the first LoZ.

3. I've never heard the original music to the Fire Temple, but some people said there was this creepy chanting.

4. Not on the LoZ I'm currently playing. Maybe it's later in the game, or I just didn't see it.

5. No, but it must be awesome to have your name spelled out by dungeons.

6. Yes, Zelda tends to get a lot of inspiration from previous games.

7. I don't know anything about programming video games, so no.

8. Yes, Termina does sound like terminus, and based on the events in MM it would make sense

9. Yes, which is a shame. I love playing the instruments in Zelda games.

10. Yes, sadly you can't get a stronger sword.

11. Yes. I didn't know what the sheikah were at the time, but when I did I understood a bit more about why it was there.

12. Yes. Also, in the castle courtyard of OoT, depending on which version you have, you can see either portraits of some characters from Mario or a picture of those green pipes Mario slides into if you look through a window.

13. Yes, Nintendo seems to be playing with a lot of familiar songs lately.

14. Yes, which was surprisingly nice of him.

15. Yes, it works better for WW's art style.


May 10, 2012
Did you know Telma from Twilight Princess wanted Renado badly, but he wasn't interested? Apparently a bar tender isn't the healing man's type.
Oct 16, 2011
3: Ocarina of Time had a song removed (Fire Temple's music changed because a Muslim Prayer that looped with it when it was originally released, which later was taken out for it was offensive [Well, I sorta mean it was more changed then removed)?

This is not fully true unless you count a few hours as later. Pop Fiction Video Game, Episode 9: Fire Temple Chants | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com states it as well as others. They were all developed at about the same time but were just released in increments.

As for the others I either knew or still don't care about (with exception to the end and hex thing; that's cool).
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The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Here are a couple of "Did you know" facts about The Legend of Zelda series.

Did you know...
1: In Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, Link doesn't have a full shadow, just a shadow for his feet?

2: The Zora's appeared in the original Zelda but were called Zolas?

3: Ocarina of Time had a song removed (Fire Temple's music changed because a Muslim Prayer that looped with it when it was originally released, which later was taken out for it was offensive [Well, I sorta mean it was more changed then removed)?

4: Ganon was originally spelled Gannon?

5: That in Zelda I, the dungeon map's layout represents the name of the dungeon (Moon, Dragon, Eagle, etc.)? Also in the Second Quest, the first 5 dungeons's layouts spell out the word "ZELDA"?

6: That the names of the Sages in Ocarina of Time were based off town names in Zelda II (Besides the town
of Mido)?

7: Did you know that Ooccoo from Twilight Princess, "Ooccoo" isn't just a random name, but it is the color Link's tunic in the original game (color hexidecimal code:00CC00)?

8: That the name of Termina, where the events of Majora's Mask takes place, is derived from the Latin word terminus, which means "to end"?

9: Phantom Hourglass and both Four Swords games aee the only Zelda titles without a musical instrument (Zelda I:nRecorder. Zelda II: Flute. LttP: Flute[Ocarina]. LA, OoT, MM: Ocarina. WW: Wind Waker. MC: Ocarina of Winds. TP: Horse Call. ST: Pan Flute. SS: Harp.)?

10: Zelda II is the only Zelda title that you do not get a new sword?

11: In Twilight Princess, when you first meet Zelda, if you look close enough you'll find the Sheikah symbol on the back?

12: Did you know that the owner of Lon Lon Ranch, Talon, has a bowser zipper for his overcoat?

13: The first 3 notes of "Midna's Theme" are the first 3 notes of "Zelda's Lullaby" played backwards?

14: Zant and Ghirahim are the only major villians that gives you a heart container when you defeat them (Ghirahim twice)?

15: In every 3-D Zelda game Link's eyes are blue EXCEPT in Wind Waker (In WW they are merely just black eyes)?

16:That in the Super Smash Bros. series, Link's simple A button combo (A button for Brawl w/ Nunchuck) are the same sword swings that Link uses to defeat Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time (Don't believe? Well, seeing is believing)?

Thanks for reading my thread. :)

1. I always knew that! Strange how he has a shadow for only his feet and not his entire body, which doesn't make sense to me! :/

2. I didn't knew that, but then again it makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Zoras and Zolas do seem have a similar appearance in general. Besides, The first Zelda had so many typos and Nintendo probably wanted to fix it in a future Zelda game, like Ocarina of Time. No biggie.

3. I read an article on that event. I find it amusing that something religious was found subliminally on one of the greatest games of all time. I was surprised when I first read that article years ago.

4. Same thing with Fact#2. It was probably a typo that Nintendo wanted to correct and fix. Not surprised.

5. Yeah I already knew that! It's common sense actually. On the Master Quest, the first five dungeons are a scrambled form of Zelda, so not everyone would notice their first time playing the Master Quest.

6. Yup, I knew that. I easily figured it out ever since I was a youngster.

7. Now this one really gave me a mindblown moment! That's actually a very interesting fact you researched. Kudos to you good sir!

8. Me being hispanic, I know a lot of Latin words, thus I knew that the word "Termina" was derived from the Latin word Terminacion, which is derived from the Latin word Terminus, meaning "to end". I still had nightmares when I figured that out. :(

9. Sad, but true. :c

10. I always believed that since that Zelda II was a sequel to the first Legend of Zelda, I figured that Link kept the sword that the player had in the first Zelda (whether you got the upgrades or not) and used that exact same sword for Zelda II.

11. I love to see that Sheikah symbol on Zelda's robe everytime I see that cutscene.

12. I noticed that. Maybe he secretly worships Bowser. :D

13. Being a musician, I love to play around with music. So when I played Midna's theme backwards, I notice those three notes that began Zelda's Lullaby.

14. That is so tru! Mind = Blown!

15. I love seeing that reference everytime I play as Link in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Thanks for posting this up. Nice to use my time to read facts about one of the video game franchises that I love and adore. Thank you again!
Apr 11, 2012
Oh. My. God. I am baffled. XD Here's another fact for ya:
In Ocarina of Time 3D, if you to LonLon Ranch inside Ingo's Room (Upstairs) There's a picture of Skyward Sword by the dresser, and a picture of Ganondorf above his bed? :3

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