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Did You Know...?


Sage of the Dark World
May 29, 2012
Dark World, Sacred Realm
Here are a couple of "Did you know" facts about The Legend of Zelda series.

Did you know...
1: In Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, Link doesn't have a full shadow, just a shadow for his feet?

2: The Zora's appeared in the original Zelda but were called Zolas?

3: Ocarina of Time had a song removed (Fire Temple's music changed because a Muslim Prayer that looped with it when it was originally released, which later was taken out for it was offensive [Well, I sorta mean it was more changed then removed)?

4: Ganon was originally spelled Gannon?

5: That in Zelda I, the dungeon map's layout represents the name of the dungeon (Moon, Dragon, Eagle, etc.)? Also in the Second Quest, the first 5 dungeons's layouts spell out the word "ZELDA"?

6: That the names of the Sages in Ocarina of Time were based off town names in Zelda II (Besides the town
of Mido)?

7: Did you know that Ooccoo from Twilight Princess, "Ooccoo" isn't just a random name, but it is the color Link's tunic in the original game (color hexidecimal code:00CC00)?

8: That the name of Termina, where the events of Majora's Mask takes place, is derived from the Latin word terminus, which means "to end"?

9: Phantom Hourglass and both Four Swords games aee the only Zelda titles without a musical instrument (Zelda I:nRecorder. Zelda II: Flute. LttP: Flute[Ocarina]. LA, OoT, MM: Ocarina. WW: Wind Waker. MC: Ocarina of Winds. TP: Horse Call. ST: Pan Flute. SS: Harp.)?

10: Zelda II is the only Zelda title that you do not get a new sword?

11: In Twilight Princess, when you first meet Zelda, if you look close enough you'll find the Sheikah symbol on the back?

12: Did you know that the owner of Lon Lon Ranch, Talon, has a bowser zipper for his overcoat?

13: The first 3 notes of "Midna's Theme" are the first 3 notes of "Zelda's Lullaby" played backwards?

14: Zant and Ghirahim are the only major villians that gives you a heart container when you defeat them (Ghirahim twice)?

15: In every 3-D Zelda game Link's eyes are blue EXCEPT in Wind Waker (In WW they are merely just black eyes)?

16:That in the Super Smash Bros. series, Link's simple A button combo (A button for Brawl w/ Nunchuck) are the same sword swings that Link uses to defeat Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time (Don't believe? Well, seeing is believing)?

17: In Majora's Mask, on the back of the Happy Mask Salesman's backpack is a mask that resembles Mario from the Super Mario Bros. series?

18: The two composer brothers from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are named after musical terms (Sharp and Flat)?

19: In Ocarina of Time 3D, in Impa's house on the table is a book that greatly resembles the Book of Mudora from A Link to the Past?

20: That even though the tear shape on the Sheikah symbol was added when the Royal Family of Hyrule betrayed the Sheikah, it is still there in Skyward Sword BEFORE the Royal Family of Hyrule was established?

21: Link really never has had a real last name?

22: Link is never raised by his parents, but by other relations (i.e. Uncle, Grandmother, Aunt)?

Thanks for reading my thread. :)
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Sage of the Dark World
May 29, 2012
Dark World, Sacred Realm
Reptile, thanks for pointing out what you did and did not know. I seriously never even noticed #15 myself because i haven't played WW, i just seen it on YouTube.
#13, i have tested this on my piano myself and it works out perfectly.
Another "instrument" i forgot to add in #9 was for TP, the howling stones.
TheBlueReptile said:
Zipper? Isn't it a neck chain?
Actually, it is the zipper chain on the end that you grip to zip up your coat/clothing.
TheBlueReptile said:
I feel ashamed for not seeing this :(
Dont feel ashamed, dude. Most people wouldn't notice some of the things from games, so don't feel alone. :)
Thanks again TBR :)


Starved Stripper Knight
May 31, 2012
I'll get some pictures later, but here's other facts:

The three goddess statues in WW used to create the golden triangle across the sea resemble the red, yellow, blue pikmins from the PIKMIN games. Ears, mouth and nose.

The Ocarina of time and Wind Waker Atlas maps almost match completely.

Rooster island is located on the same area as Death mountain
Forest Heaven is located more or less in the same area as the Deku Tree in OOT

The forsaken Fortress is Located in the vicinity of the Geudo Fortress

This makes sense, given that Wind Waker takes place right above Hyrule.

Although, interestly, The temple of time is not really mapped in WW.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I actually knew all of these...

In fact, number nine is a bit wrong. Both the Four Swords games have no instruments either.


Thrilla in Manilla
Apr 12, 2012
I knew all of these except for the Ooccoo thing that was interesting, also I always thought the Bowser thing on talon was a bolo tie seeing as how he lives on a ranch and such it always made sense to think it was a bolo tie.

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