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Did You Ever Get Final-Bossophobia?


Demon slayer
Jan 29, 2010
Final-Bossophobia, as in fear of the final boss, as in the adrenaline rush you get when you're doing the final battle in the game.

I got it when I was playing PH, the first Zelda game I actually wanted to play, when I was fighting Bellumbeck. The big, hulking, monster that was once your friend, marching towards you so calmly, under the influence of an evil squid, and the music, creeped me out. I was in a state that any body talking would distract me.

The only time I got it again was versus Ganon (not Ganondorf) in OoT. The big pig that I never thought would ever look scary, hulking over me, those glowing eyes looking down on me, and with very few fairies left, I was scared.

What about you? Has this ever happened to you?


Ganondorf Incarnate
Feb 12, 2011
Dark Realm
yes, it has...In Twilight Princess when I was fighting Morpheel...I had NO potions...and I was low on life...plus the fact that Morpheel is like ten times bigger than you...ugh...scared me to death... :(


Spirit of the Forest
Mar 9, 2011
With the Great Deku Tree
I felt that with Volvagia in OoT. I had remembered watching my dad fight it, and he had a lot of trouble, so as soon I as started the fight, I was worried that I'd lose.

It was MUCH easier than I thought though:)

Still, with every boss fight I make sure I have as many fairies as I can hold, just in case;)


"Frocobo says die!"
Apr 2, 2011
I got bossophobia from Gyorg in MM actually 3 days ago. I owned him and before I went and faced him I headed back out of the temple adn picked up my double defense, problem solved. :D


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
I don't actually feel fear, but I do get a strong sense of anxiety when I'm fighting a boss, especially a late-game or final boss, for the first time. If I fight them again on a subsequent play-through, I'm not usually anxious at all. The anxiety comes from not knowing whether I have what it takes to beat the boss; whether I've played the game up to this point for no good reason at all, or it's all about to pay off.


I am me....
Jan 25, 2010
I usually get excited more often than scared. To me it is the build up of the whole game and to see how everything is going to go. I usually play a little reserved to I can pin point all the moves or abilities so I don't get killed. Usually that works for me, sometimes it doesn't. But like i said, I get excited, to finally be at that final moment after all those long, hard hours and to finish. On the other hand I have gotten frustrated with a game so much I couldn't wait for the final boss just to kick his/her behind and be done once and for all.

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
Fear? No. I'm never afraid to fight the final boss, but anticipation does build up. However, as far as Zelda goes, this usually only happens in games where Ganondorf is the final boss. In OoT, the climb to Ganon's inner tower builds tension as you don't know when you will reach the top or what to expect. Plus, monsters keep popping out of nowhere so you're life doesn't exactly stay full. In Twilight Princess, when going to fight Ganondorf, the music slowly gets graver and the storm outside gradually gets worse. I knew Ganondorf was coming yet I didn't know what to expect.


Lushier than Mercy!
Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I pretty much get a fear of stepping into a new room if I don't know what's there. When I play a new game, I definitely feak out before the final boss.
Now, when I know the game I'm not at bad, but I still have a little bit of fear, even if I know what to do, and can usually beat the boss with little difficulty.


Jul 15, 2009
Heh, sometimes. Most of the time I just skip any build-up and dive right into the fight, before I've had chance to worry if I'm up to the challenge or not. I've noticed I'm usually pretty comfortable with Zelda bosses in general from when I play other games; I'll get to just before a boss in one of those and realise "Gosh, why am I suddenly so nervous"... I suppose it's because I know the drill with Zelda bosses, I know sort of what's coming and that calms me, whereas in new games I'm back to being like "Omg idk if I can do this, idk if I can do thi- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Eh, I get waaaay to involved in games XD
I remember on my first time facing Gohma in WW, I eventually made it into the room, had the cutscene happen where it pretty much leers right at the screen, paused the game and ran almost-screaming out of the room to find someone else to defeat it for me XDD I was about 9 at the time and hadn't been expecting it at all *is a chicken* D;

Final Boss wise... like I said, I tend to rush in before my mind has chance to wander. Though I have occasionally forgotten to stock up before a final boss, and then I'm suddenly a whole lot more terrified XDD I do remember the anticipation leading up to the TP Ganondorf fight, because RP put it well, you knew it was him but had no idea what to expect... except that it would probably be epic. But I was less nervous about that, more excited for what was to come XD


Keyblade Master
Actually, with only a few exeptions, I get the opposite. I love to go replay bosses from different games over and over. Like, for example, I've only finished Golden Sun Dark Dawn twice, yet I've beaten the final boss (story-wise) about 10 times (as my sister kindly pointed out a couple days ago (she wants to play it)). So yeah, I get to the point where I play final bosses and regular bosses alot, not where I get scared at them. Though I will admit that I used to not be able to even fight the bosses when I was about 5 or 6.

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