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Did you enjoy The Champion's Ballad's story more than the main story?


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Apr 7, 2019
The main story of Breah of the Wild got a mixed reception. Some saying that it was too short and bland, and shallow. Others found within it a great story about two teenagers' struggle with the burden set upon them.
The Champion's Ballad brought with it additional story elements, that added some depth to the four champions.
Did you enjoy that story more?

Personally, I found the story of the champions to be a lot more captivating than Links and Zelda's adventures and I enjoyed following those cutscenes a lot more than those of the main game. (Plus, the final scene brought a tear to my eye.)


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I found the main story more interesting than the Champion's Ballad. The CB felt a little hollow to me in terms of importance because they were all dead.

However I liked the Champions far more than their descendants so it was nice to see them all one more time.
Jul 14, 2019
I probably did, yeah. There was levels of subtlety and an acknowledgement of the tragedy that wasn't quite as prevalent in the main story. I appreciated the extra insight into Link's relationships with the champions and it made me appreciate the main story more which is exactly how a DLC pack should function in terms of plot.

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Honestly, I think I did enjoy it more. I loved uncovering Link and Zelda's past in the main story, but the lives and stories about the Champions just really captivated me. They are easily my favorite characters in the series now, so seeing them each get such great depth added to them was fantastic and a real treat. Also, the CB shrines were really interesting to play through and in most cases, better than the ones in the base game. Plus the final dungeon and boss were awesome. And yes, I cried during the final cutscene. It was absolutely beautiful. As much as I enjoyed the base story, this expansion on already beloved characters was just something very special for me.

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Mar 23, 2013
Unfortunately, no. To this day I haven't finished Champions Ballad, because I just didn't find it interesting. It focused too much using shrines as the primary method of delivering the story. You found a map, ran around looking for four (?) shrines each, and were rewarded with a cutscene.

That isn't an interesting structure to me. The shrines work well when they're something you come across while exploring, not a lever you pull to dispense story.

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