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Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

Did skyward sword make you cry?

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May 2, 2012
I didn't actually cry but I did tear up a little at the end, just the fact that we now know that Zelda and Link are cursed throughout the timeline is kind of depressing. It kind of reminds me of that moment in the Star Wars prequels, even though they sucked we all knew how Luke and Leia would end up separated.
With Skyward Sword everything is clearer and even though it's a happy ending it throws the player into a whole new light with the realization that it is all tied together and everything now makes more sense than ever.


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Jul 31, 2010
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No, I don't see why it would. There wasn't anything emotional enough in the game to receive a reaction from me. It's not like you spend enough time with the characters (personally) in the game to actually get attached to them like in other video games. Especially since the characters always alternate from game to game. And the lack of any real speech kinda kills the characters for me. It's like they're there, but something is missing, and that something would be a voice. I just see Link and Zelda as characters I've grown to love over the years, but not for their actual characters. I'm not attached to Link, like I'd be attached to someone like Master Chief or Max Payne. The characters aren't constant enough from game to game (as if their character's weren't already lacking) and that's because it's always a different portrayal in each installment. The day Nintendo fully defines its characters, is the day I'll actually feel something for those characters. But for now, I don't really feel anything when it comes to Zelda games. It's hard to take it serious, so I just enjoy it for what it is.
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Jul 12, 2011
I hate to admit it but yes and some of the end scean I admit I cried. Mostly when Fi went back into the sword and when Zelda sealed herself away. I usely don't cry while playing games but over the years I've grown attached to the Zelda characters so if one dies or gets in trouble I feel as if its a freind who has died. Just hope no one beats me up for crying over fictional people.


I was close to crying when Zelda sealed herself up, when Fi went to sleep for ever (although I didn't really like Fi at all until the end, she didn't have a personality, she looked weird, and talked/sang funny), and when Zelda said goodbye to Impa. But when they all go back though the gate of time and see Impa again (I already figured out it was her), and then she dies/disappears, I cried. I don't think it was that specific event, but all of them put together. I would've really cried if Fi was cooler, but I never really liked her that much.
Dec 19, 2011
I got a little teary eyes/ watery at some parts at the game, not full out crying however... I guess I still count that as crying. It was during the very ending with Fi... and Impa.


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Nov 10, 2011
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Heck yeah it made me cry. Once when Zelda and Link were reunited for the first time in the past, and it was super emotional and touching, and then Zelda's Lullaby started playing... Man, I couldn't take it. So many memories of Zelda rushing in at that moment.

I also cried at the end, from pretty much the same phenomenon. Skyward Sword did an awesome job of reminding me just how much Zelda has meant to me over the years. It was a very nostalgic experience. :)

Pretty much the same story for me. :P The ending was so touching.


May 10, 2012
When Fi left. Whenever I hear the phrase "we'll meet in another life", it really gets me. There is a Kate Bush song that describes two long lost lovers thru different time periods (Rome burning, Holocaust, etc) and they just never got together.


I dropped a few tears here and there but cried like a baby at the end of the game. I really got hooked on the characters in Skyward Sword. I cried when Fi left, was pretty surprised when Zelda got captured, cried when she sealed herself away, etc. the ending was so happy it made me cry so much. I feel like such a ***** but also a man at the same time. :/


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May 20, 2012
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I'll be honest, it takes a LOT to make me lose control over my tear ducts. There were some sad moments like the lot of you have already posted, but I never actually cried.


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May 26, 2010
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I cried after I played through Hero Mode. One of the biggest moments ever...I was dumbfounded.

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