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Did Skyward Sword Become Your New Favorite Zelda?

Dec 23, 2011
Skyward Sword is in my top list. Somehow, the game was so amazing for me, that I couldn't play another game in two weeks! For me, it was pretty much the best Zelda Ever!

it is...sort of... but please note that there hasn't been released a single game in about five years. So when you play all the games now, ss will probably be the best. But looking back, I think MM was way better for its time.
Oct 11, 2010
Yes. Previously my favorite was WW, and only that because it was my first Zelda game. SS to me has the best story of the series, the orchestrated tracks make it the game with my favorite soundtrack, the new gameplay was fun and challenging. For too many more reasons to list, it's my new favorite.


No. Nothing anyone ever makes will ever replace Majora's Mask as my favorite video game of all time. Okami and Monster Hunter Tri almost did though.
Dec 29, 2011
Absolutely. Just when I thought this masterful series could'nt get any better, Nintendo delivered this amazing, timeless adventure. Though it does slightly veer away from the classic Zelda style, it still keeps all of the good things each game had, and added more good things. With wonderful animation, gameplay, and presentation, this game has become one of my favorite games of all time.
Sep 17, 2011
When I first started playing Skyward Sword I thought that the beginning was a bit too slow (understandable, considering new controls and everything, also it built up the story and relations between characters nicely) and I was afraid I'd been overhyped. But the more I played it the mroe I loved it. It actually ended up becoming my absolute favorite so far (wouldn't have believed MM could have been beaten, but it happened).

The game just...worked so well for me. The story was well-built, it had the both happy and sad moments and I always like when they decide to have Link share a deep relationship (whether platonic or not) with someone - it gives the story some depth. Characters had all some charming qualities and development (also Skyloft sidequest were nice, made Skyloft more important for the rest of the game than say...Ordon in Twilight Princess, where you had to return only a couple of times, Skyloft on the other hand changed a bit after each dungeon). Though I fell like an idiot for restarting the game on Hero Mode before I'd managed to finish it 100%...

Ghirahim is also the best Zelda villain ever and Groose is just magnificent.

I also loved all the little details, references to previous Zelda games - for example, the moment Link goes to the dungeon is so much like in the first game. We look him from behind, walking down the stairs and the screen goes black for a while (you know, with that "walking down the stairs"-sound). It was so nice to try to spot as much references as possible. The entire game was fun to play (even if a tad easy at times) as well, which is always plus.

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