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Game Thread Diamond is Unbreakable Mafia Game Thread

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Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013

What a beautiful Duwang!

The town of Morioh is quiet and peaceful, as usual, after the defeat of Angelo Katagiri. However, it appears that he was not the serial killer that Jotaro Kujo was looking for. The Stand users in town now face up against this powerful threat, a man with a hand fetish who just wants to live a quiet life.

The rules of this game are as follows:
-General mafia rules apply. Mechanics work normally, don't be an asshole, etc.
-Do not edit or delete posts.
-Please bold your votes and unvotes on a separate line so I can easily see them.
-Ties result in a no lynch.

-Since no one signed up as a replacement and I don't want to go around begging for players, I will modkill if you fail to post a single time in a Day phase. Be active.

-I may or may not answer questions regarding role mechanics.
-I may or may not add/remove/change rules
-have fun my dudes ily :)

Player list:
1. @funnier6
2. @Doc
3. @Spiritual Mask Salesman
4. @DekuNut
5. @Morbid Minish
6. @HeroOfTime
7. @Stormageden747

Day 1 ends on Thursday, January 3 at 11:00pm MST

Day 1 begins!


Jun 7, 2017
the present
Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Vote: Deku

Might as well since it’s bound to happen eventually. :P

Time to ban SMS.

I’ll do the same thing to anyone who tries to vote me.
I, for one, welcome our new Corruption overlord. :cow:

Spiritual Mask Salesman

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