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Spoiler Destructoid: Hands-on Impressions for Skyward Sword


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Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Destructoid has already posted up some Hands-On impressions on all three demo modes that were available for Skyward Sword.

Unsurprisingly, they were left feeling that the game was fantastic!
I decided to post up exactly what they said for you though, as I think they mentioned some interesting points on what they noted of the game when experienced first hand today.


"Spoiler alert: THE GAME IS AWESOME!"

"On display in the Nintendo booth are three demo modes for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Dungeon, Boss Fight, and Bird Racing. And, yes, you just read "Bird Racing." YOU GET TO RACE ON THE TOP OF BIRDS IN THIS GAME!

I guess the best way to explain all this is to break it down by mode:"


"This is what you would expect from a Zelda game. Travel through a dungeon, collect keys, fight enemies, and solve puzzles! Nothing truly revolutionary. The real focus of the demo was on using some of the game's items and fighting using your sword.

The items are very similar to past Zelda games, but all are controlled with the Wii Motion Plus controller (a must for this game). Everything felt very smooth -- almost too smooth! The controls were so responsive, that I kept aiming all over the place. Not a huge negative, as I learned to adjust quickly, but controlling in this new Zelda takes some getting used to.

As for the puzzles, they were classic Zelda. And, honestly, much harder than puzzles I have experienced in the past ... which I LOVED! One found me entering a room and having to trigger three eyeball switches on the wall,. To do this, Link had to be in the perfect spot in the room. Unfortunately, that spot was elevated a few feet above the ground.

Using one of the new items in the game (an awesome flying beetle!), Link had to cut a rope to release a create, which I then pushed to a specific spot. Once I stood on the crate and held my sword in a specific position (again, using the amazing 1:1 controls of the Wii Motion Plus), the door opened and I moved on.

It was a satisfying puzzle and I look forward to more like it in the final game."

Boss Fight:

"This boss fight was not what I was expecting.

Most Zelda bosses fill the screen and require the use of one specific item found in the level to defeat them.

This boss, however, was a one on one duel between swords. The enemy character (who liked some kind of emo Zora), fought Link in a round arena. The trick to defeating him is to turn your sword in the right direction and strike.

And this is a major addition to Skyward Sword -- and a huge focus! When fighting enemies in the game, Link has to strike at the correct angle to do any damage. No more button mashing or random flailing away! That won't work in this game!

And you know what? I really like this addition. It made the game very challenging and each battle felt almost like a puzzle. This new battle system should help please the large group of people who have been complaining that the recent Zelda games have been too easy."

Bird Racing:

This is pretty self-explanatory.

During this sequence you fly on a bird, and ... race.


Taking place outside of the Sky City featured in many of the game's trailers and screenshots, Link mounts (hehehe) a giant red bird and races other villagers around a huge racetrack.

It's pretty simple and controlled by tilting the Wii Motion Plus controller back and forth. Nothing really special abut this sequence, but it looks AMAZING (just wait until you see it in motion) and confirms that there will be some fun minigames featured throughout the game. For any Zelda fan, this is welcome news.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is shaping up nicely -- much more so than the build Nintendo showed last year. I walked away impressed and really ready to play some more.

Also ... did I mention the game looks BEAUTIFUL?!

The wait until this game's Holiday 2011 release is going to be a long one."


Alright, here are my thoughts after reading this:

Concerning dungeons, I was a little surprised to hear that the gameplay felt so traditional, however I welcome what seems to be evidence of new, challenging and innovative puzzles that utilize the potential of the wii motion plus. It definitely seems that we do not have to fear lack of creativity or difficulty in terms of puzzles. I also take this as a good confirmation for just how intuitive the WM+ seems to be, and I certainly welcome that.

Boss Fight:
I suppose this means that our "blue villain guy" is confirmed as a boss that we get to take on in a sword duel! :P My reaction to this can only be...YES!!!!! That is just the kind of boss fight I would like to see. Not to mention the confirmation that the implementation of WM+ really did seem to ramp up the difficulty in how it necessitated striking in just the right way to deal damage.

(::EDIT:: I can't even write up a topic without missing some new footage right now....right, yes, the guys name is Ghirahim before someone corrects me xD)

Bird Racing:
All I have to say is.....I certainly agree that the visuals are going to be absolutely beautiful, especially when we are playing through them first hand.

Overall I am not very surprised, but am particularly enthused at strong first-hand impressions of the game. I really think Skyward Sword going to be a huge winner upon release this year.

Other thoughts?
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Jun 15, 2010
Nothing too surprising, really. Well, except for maybe this line:

"The enemy character (who liked some kind of emo Zora), fought Link in a round arena."

Ha, I really wasn't expecting that. XD
Nov 27, 2010
I don't really understand what Destructiod is...but whoever they are obviously hasn't been paying attention to the focus of this game for the past year.
Here is the line:
"And this is a major addition to Skyward Sword -- and a huge focus! When fighting enemies in the game, Link has to strike at the correct angle to do any damage. No more button mashing or random flailing away! That won't work in this game!"
I feel like this would be news in E3 2010...


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Aug 18, 2009
This gets me even more excited for Skyward Sword! It might actually be the best Zelda game to date. I love everything I have seen so far, and I can already assume I will like it more than TP (which I didn't like very much).

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