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Spoiler Destroyed Hyrule: Why the New, Third Split is the Most Interesting (and Much More)

Unlucky Monkey

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May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany

I hope, my English is clear enough to start such a Thread. I think "World of Zelda" is the best categorie for this topic, because, it is not really a Theory. It is more a personal conclusion. So, it would be nice if you read my text till the end. Onegai Shimasu :)

In this Thread, I want to debate two topics. Both of them leads to the same result. The third Split in the Timeline. Or, better, the new split.

The whole last night, I was studying in Hyrule Historia. Read the whole translation over at Glitter Berris Blog, and absorbing my own copy of the book. The new Split, well, it may be the most disputed when it comes to the Timeline. The first time I've heard of it, my thoughts were rather happy. A "What If" situation isn't the big revelation I was looking for. But, I've thought about it more. Yesterday, these thoughts reached it's climax.
Now, I think this revaltion isn't that bad at all. For me, it's a very sad and dark Storyline about a doomed Hyrule. The hero is defeated. Killed by Ganondorf in the final Ocarina of Time Battle. No one was aware of this. I also died the first time against Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. And now it feels logic, the new, third split. Every time you die in a Zelda game, it is possible a new Split is created. But this might going to far. A dying Link in the last fight against Ganondorf is just fine.

Link is dead, and Ganondorf was victorious. It may be an untold story, but it is a kind of sad and hopeless story. At the end of this Split, Hyrule will become a small kingdom with many tragedies. People will live in caves and the whole overworld is filled with demons.

Let's start with the games, inhabiting this Split:

All the years, people asked about the Timeline placement of A Link to the Past. Now we know, it is the beginning of "The Era of Light and Dark" and the start of the "Imprisoning War". And it really is a Dark Era. The hero was killed by Ganondorf, Hyrule was ruled by him and years later he was sealed into the Dark World. A new Hero is born, a descendant of the Hero of Time. Ganondorf fully transformed into Ganon, the Pig. He will not come back to his Gerudo form. After a long war, the events in A Link to the Past occur. And this time, Link is able to defeat Ganon.
Well, looks like Hyrule is saved. But then, the events in the Oracle Games occur.

Twinrova are planning to bring back Ganondorf. The same Ganondorf, who killed The Hero of Time and later sealed into the Dark World, defeated by a new hero (the boy from A Link to the Past). Here, my second topic of this Thread starts:

The fate of Ganondorf: From a thief to an Usurper, from an Emperor to a mindless pig​

In the Oracle Games, Twinrova failed to bring Ganondorf back to his full potential.

From Hyrule Historia:

However, since the ceremony was incomplete, a Ganon without intellect appeared.
This is the Downfall of the great Ganondorf. The proud Gerudo and former Usurper Emperor of Hyrule finally became a mindless pig with a lack of human thinking and intellect. Pig Ganon is still dangerous, but not smart anymore. He transformed into a beast without a human soul. I feel some kind of sympathy for the fate of Ganondorf. Well, he was some very bad guy. But he was smart and everything he achieved so far, was done by his superb intellect. At the end, he transformed into an absurd creature.

After the events of the Oracle Games, Links Awakening is taking place next in the Timeline. It still features the same Hero as seen in A Link to the Past and both Oracle Games. After all these events, peace returned to Hyrule for a long time. The Hero is not needed anymore. A new Era begin. The Downfall of Hyrule. "The Era of Decline".
The Kingdom of Hyrule destroyed itself. The Royal Family used the power of the Triforce wisely. But the King died and his greedy son ruined everything. It all starts with the sleeping Princess. The Prince (now, the new King of Hyrule) regrets this incident and orders to name every Princess, born into the Royal Family, Zelda. Decades later, the great Kingdom of Hyrule is marked for its downfall. It became a small Kingdom. In the past years, something went really wrong in Hyrule. Now, demons inhabits the land. It became post apocalyptic and people live in caves.
The prosperity and glory is over. In the last decades, people forgot about all the Legends of the past. And someone managed it to bring Ganon back to this world. A young wanderer comes into play. The new Hero. Link. The story so far, Link was able to retrieve the Triforce pieces (the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom) in the various temples and finally facing Ganon, to save Princess Zelda and saving Hyrule.

The Ganon in the first Zelda is even more worse compared to the one in the Oracle Games.

A quote from Hyrule Historia:

No longer bearing any trace of the man known as the great thief, Ganondorf, he opposed Link in the form of a demonic beast, devoid of any particular intelligence.
Once and for all on this Split, Ganon is defeated by Link. He won't return in Zelda II.

I think, most of you know this story. Well, I retold it with my own words. But the content is the same. Now, there is a bit of a theory. How will this Split continune? The conclusion in Hyrule Historia is the following:

The power of the gods had been restored to Hyrule Kingdom through the courage of a young boy. Did generations pass, full of peace and the light of prosperity? Or did the curtains open to an age of darkness where people sought and contested each other for power? The future of this timeline has yet to unravel.
End of Hyrule’s Decline & The Last Hero
This Timeline could be the perfect chance to start all over again with the Zelda Franchise. I would love to see the same link featured in the first 2 games. Now, a grown up. Wandering in a dark Hyrule fighting a complete new foe.

An unused design for a grown up Link in Twilight Princess, shown in Hyrule Historia:

For the Franchise, it's time to go in a bit of a new direction. Showing a more, desperate (tired of all his former adventures) adult Link (in his Mid Twens) could be very unique. And the story should include more "Dramatic Turn of Events (anyway, this is an awesome album by Dream Theater)". All this can await the hero in the Hyrule shown in "The Era of Decline" (Zelda 1 and Zelda II).

It is save to say Nintendo will start working on a new title which is placed in this Timeline. There is so much potential. I think, Ganon will not return. It's time for a new beginning. Starting at the point, where the Legend has begun, 26 years ago.

Now, my long story reaches the end. If you came this far, I have to thank you for reading. But I also have a question. Do you share my thoughts about a new game in this Era?

Finally, there is something I want to know, and hope, someone got an answer. In Hyrule Historia, I've found an Artwork in the Ocarina of Time Section. And, I don't really get this. Is here someone who knows the origin of this Artwork?

Things I do not understand are marked with arrows. The Question Mark is for the evil looking guy. Is this an early Art for the game? The original idea of Shigeru Miyamoto, who planned to set the whole game in Ganondorfs castle? Or is it even fanmade (unlikely, because all of the Artworks in the book are official and original)?


The evil looking guy could be Pig Ganon.

If you look closely, you may imaginate him with his pig nose. Also, it seems like he is wearing a hat.

If this Thread still fits better in the Theory Section, please feel free to move it.

I hope this this Thread is rather interesting than boring :)
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Sep 17, 2011
Sacred Grove
Wow, that was pretty good. That makes sense to me. Although I didn't really think of a future for that timeline afterward, I was kind of thinking that hyrule was beginning anew after AoL.
And I think that the arrows are Ganon in the background, navi's original concept, and a gerudo.
Jul 6, 2011
I think the fairy and the woman on the left could be Navi and Impa. The evil looking guy could be a prototype version of Ganondorf or it could be something else. Anyways, good post. I do think that Nintendo should make games that take place after Zelda 2 because there wasn't enough story. I know that there wasn't enough story in the NES games because...they are NES games and they were the first Zelda games. It would be interesting to see an actual sequel to Zelda 2. We might actually get Zelda 3:lol:.

Unlucky Monkey

The Great King of Apes
May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany
Thanks, both of you. This means, you understand my post. It would be more easy for me to speak in my native language. But I think the content is clear to read.

Two of three Timelines showing a doomed Hyrule. The one in the Era after the hero died, and the flooded Hyrule. But Hyrule Historia also tells of a possibility for a continuation of the Adult and Child Timeline. You see, the Timeline may be revealed, but there are much questions left. And the Timeline will continue. Now, a new Hyrule History will be written.

The Artwork I've posted is still mysterious for me. You could be right. All of the characters may shown in an early design. There is no japanese description related to this picture in the book.
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