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Smash Bros Design a Smash Fighter

Threads relating to the Super Smash Bros series.

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I would like to propose a case for Adol Christin of the Ys series as a Smash fighter. I believe his appearance in Ys IX: Monstrum NOX would be the best way to include him, as his gameplay there has the most potential for an interesting moveset. Here goes.


Adol Christin as "The Crimson King" for Smash
Reasoning -

As a series, Ys has been around since 1987 and helped to pioneer the Action RPG genre. There's 10 mainline games in the series as well as some spin offs, though it still manages to be a bit niche despite its long history. It is a Falcom property, and they've yet to have any representation in Smash. Ys is full of intrepid adventure, colorful characters, invigorating bgm, and fascinating stories, and at the heart of it all is Adol Christin, the beloved protagonist. Setting aside the "boo anime swordfighter" jokes, Adol would be the most exciting new fighter for me personally in years. I would love to see Ys finally get some well-deserved limelight.

Moveset -

Adol's moveset would primarily center around his battle skills from the source game, and I'd also like to incorporate the Monstrum Gifts as special moves and some other neat mechanics I thought of. Let's dive on in.

jab - Adol's basic four hit combo of standard attacks.
dash attack - the skill Swift Raid. lunge forward into a horizontal slash.
up smash - the skill Calamity Combo. two-hit attack, first hit lifts the opponent up, second hit slams them down. spike potential on the second hit.
side smash - the skill Vermillion Scythe. two-hit roundhouse slash with launch potential.
down smash - the skill Abyssal Blade. release energy around yourself in a circle slash.
up tilt - a well-aimed uppercut slash using Doll's Gift: Third Eye. see below
side tilt - a well-aimed piercing thrust using Doll's Gift: Third Eye. see below.
down tilt - a well-aimed sweeping slash using Doll's Gift: Third Eye. see below.
neutral air - the skill Demonic Pierce. flings a couple daggers in the direction you're facing.
up air - the skill Rising Slash. an upward slash with a wide overhead arc.
forward air - the skill Flare Shot. forward thrust with a fireball projectile.
back air - the skill Flare Shot. same as fair but backwards.
down air - the skill Void Blast. similar to Toon Link's dair, but also releases a few fiery tendrils in the direction you're facing upon impact to the ground.
grab - the skill Prisoner's Grasp. works as a tether grab with a little shorter range than Toon Link's hookshot.
neutral special - Crimson King's Gift: Crimson Line. see below
up special - Hawk's Gift: Hunter's Descent. see below
side special - Raging Bull's Gift: Valkyrie Hammer. see below
down special - Renegade's Gift: Shadow Dive. see below
final smash - Extra Skill: Crimson Slash. Adol releases an AoE whirlwind slash around himself, sucking in those around him while dealing constant damage. also has a burn effect.

Monstrum Gifts and the Gift Gauge​

As a unique Mechanic for Adol, I'd give him the Gift Gauge from the source game so that he cannot spam his Gifts. Think of it like a little auto-regen stamina meter for any attack involving a Gift. How much of the gauge is used depends on what the Gift does. After using a Gift, the gauge will start to regenerate after a second or two. When you run out of gauge, you'd have to wait for it to recharge to use a Gift again. With that in mind, the recharge time should be fairly fast, since Smash is a fast-paced fighting game.

Crimson King's Gift: Crimson Line - as the neutral special, it would function similar to Zelda's warp. If you use it on the ground, it'll zip you forward a couple paces. If used in midair, it'll zip you upward on a forward angle to gain some air. if you use it into an opponent, it'll hurt them. for balancing, it can be interrupted by projectiles and blocked by shields. Gift Gauge Usage - 4 times in a row.

Hawk's Gift: Hunter's Descent - as the up special, it would be more of a glide recovery. to recover off stage, you could use Crimson Line to get air and then glide forward with Hunter's Descent. Some potential to act at least one more time from the glide, like going right into the tether grab from it or another Crimson Line. Gift Gauge Usage - meter drain. if it runs out while using it, you're put into free fall.

Raging Bull's Gift: Valkyrie Hammer - as the side special, you could compare it to Byleth's down special. Windup followed by heavy hit with great launch potential. naturally you'd be left open when using it. Gift Gauge Usage - 4 times in a row.

Renegade's Gift: Shadow Dive - as the down special, it's comparable to how Inkling can merge into the ground. You would be able to avoid damage by hiding in your shadow momentarily. If you exit the shadow under an opponent, they get hurt. To balance it, it can be interrupted by AoE attacks and items such as bombs and still be susceptible to final smashes. Gift Gauge Usage - meter drain. you get spit out of the shadow when it runs out.

Doll's Gift: Third Eye - in the source game, this Gift is used to detect hidden objects and switches. To incorporate this into Smash, I thought it would be neat for it to be applied to all tilt attacks with an effect of increased shield damage. The reasoning is that Adol is using Third Eye to spot the opponent's weak point, thus more shield damage. So this would be an effect of his tilt attacks when using them on shielding opponents. Gift Gauge Usage - 8 times in a row. It only consumes gauge if it hits a shield.

White Cat's Gift: Heaven's Run - in the source game, this Gift is used to run up walls. I thought incorporating this into Smash would make for a neat way for Adol to interact with stages. Naturally, his own stage would have ample opportunities for this, but it could also work on any stage with a flat vertical wall somewhere in it, like the Metal Gear stage for example. Dash into the wall, or move into it while in midair, and Adol will run up it for a bit. A potential way to get some air, too. Gift Gauge Usage - meter drain. you fall off the wall when it runs out.

Other Mechanics
Alternate Colors - Adol's standard color would naturally be his Crimson King look as shown above. He could easily have alt colors to represent White Cat, Hawk, Doll, Raging Bull, Renegade, and Aprilis. The final alt could be his civilian disguise, like how Joker has his school uniform as an alt.

Flash Move - Like in the source game, dodging an attack with just the right timing will trigger a flash move that grants you brief invulnerability and increased movement speed. Similar to Bayonetta's witch time.

Flash Guard - this mechanic of the source game could be applied to Adol when he performs a perfect shield. It could do the usual effects with the addition of empowering his next attack.

Taunts - up taunt could be him quickly switching from his Monstrum form to his civilian form and back. side taunt could be the animation for entering Boost Mode, but we don't need Boost Mode itself as an actual part of his kit. down taunt could be an idle animation with one of his idle voice lines, such as "Not in my nature to stand around."

Stage -

Balduq Prison City​

I feel the best thing to do for the stage would be to use the city of Balduq itself. I think a tour-type stage would work best. The stage can begin in front of the Dandelion bar, and then it can phase into the Grimwald Nox, then phase back out to be in front of Balduq Cathedral. Back into the Nox, back out in the Coliseum. Back into the Nox, then out in front of the Balduq Prison main gate. Could also randomize which places in the city you return to from the Nox each time. Hazards can be platforms and perhaps guest appearances from your fellow collaborators in the city, and Lemures while in the Nox. Here are some pictures of the places in question:


The Dandelion


Balduq Cathedral


Balduq Coliseum


Balduq Prison Main Gates


Grimwald Nox

Music -
I decided on this track list by thinking about what would be likely to be included, such as the general battle themes of the game, as well as the more iconic tracks, and of course, the tracks that would fit a fighting game the most. Ys music has always been incredibly good, and I personally think its deserving to come with so many tracks.

Spirits -
I picked these based on their importance to the story. Dogi is obvious since he's Adol's partner in every game, and he usually takes on the roll of support in most games. Parks and Chante I chose because of their involvement with the Dandelion bar as the central hub of the game, and of course the five Monstrums were obvious choices. Aprilis being the legendary spirit was a no-brainer considering her role. I tried to think what each type would be based on their personalities and abilities in the game.

Whew, that took a couple hours. All this has been spinning around in my head for a couple weeks now. Glad I could finally get it all down somewhere. If this ever became real in Smash, I would never need to ask for something ever again.
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Apr 5, 2021
Pyoro - Warioware.

R (4).png

Reasoning: The idea of Pyoro getting into Smash is a very outlandish yet interesting idea. We've never really had a character that's only appeared in side games, so having Pyoro would remove that notion. He could also express the strangeness of WarioWare, with not only some goofy animations, but by also having an outlandish moveset.

Moveset: You see, Pyoro doesn't have a full moveset. He only has a couple of smash attacks, a Neutral B and a Down B. This honestly does make sense for Pyoro, as his games are very simple to play with. But, also like in his games, his moveset will be based around defense. Using your limited kit, you'll have to really think about what moves you'll use, such as...

Side Smash: Pyoro gets his back stretched out to charge the attack, and once it's released it gets released and his beak pierces forward! It's an all-around good move, but you'll probably have to use it to kill only. The Up Smash is the same, but facing upwards instead. The Down Smash on the other hand, has Pyoro spin with his beak still out after doing his usual charge and pierce. These attacks are references to both Pyoro R and Pyoro T in which he used his beak to swat away pesky bugs.

Neutral B: Now, this is where Pyoro really shines! If you hold the B button, he whips out his long tongue and stretches it across the screen, where it can bounce off walls. If it hits the top of the screen, it retracts, but you can automatically retract by letting go of B. This move does quite a lot of damage, but is slow. This references a ton of Pyoro games, like Pyoro 1, Pyoro S and Bird.

Down B: If you press B while holding down on the control pad, Pyoro spits out a seed. It's pretty fast, but doesn't do a whole lot of damage. So, you'll have to choose between the two. Tongue or seed? This only references Pyoro 2.

Final Smash: For Pyoro's final smash, he eats a star-shaped fruit and grows gigantic. His moveset's the same, but is bigger and deals way more damage. This references a power-up in Super Pyoro, where the same happened there.

Regular Moves: For Pyoro's intro animation, he jumps onto the stage before doing the same animation he does when you start in WarioWare: Get It Together. To make up for the fact he has no Up Special, he has 5 jumps, with the last one having him flaps his flippers franticly. Pyoro would also have the same voice he has in WarioWare: Get It Together too.

Taunts: Pyoro lies on his back and taps his belly with his feet, spins around until he gets dizzy and shakes himself, referencing the jitters he does while walking. These are in no order.

Alternate Colours:
Red, for Pyoro's normal colours.
Yellow, for the bird that appears in Pyoro 2.
Green, to represent the beans that fall down.
White and pink, to represent the angels.
Black, to represent the bugs in Pyoro R
Turquoise, to represent the Zombie colour scheme for Pyoro
Brown, to represent the monster version of Pyoro you fight in WarioWare: Get It Together.
The last two aren't references. They're just Purple for the first one and Blue for the second one.

Stage: For Pyoro's stage, it'd be the grassy plains his games take place in. While you fight on it, raining beans sometimes fall from the sky, which can hurt you if you don't hit them first. If you hit the white beans, an angel drops down an item. The stage would also get more industrial as time goes on, introducing more platforms.

OIP - 2021-09-12T185448.689.jpg

And that's everything! Wow, for such a simple character, there sure was a lot I needed to write about him, even with the small moveset!

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Aug 31, 2014
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Solaire of Astora

Has a passive similar to that of Link's, the Sunlight Shield. It blocks projectiles when standing or walking. By Shielding and pressing the Special button, Solaire puts his Sunlight Shield away and takes out his Sunlight Talisman, allowing powerful Miracle spells to be cast for a number of charges.

Special moves:

Neutral Special, Estus Flask/Bountiful Sunlight- Solaire drinks from his Estus Flask, restoring HP. If his Sunlight Talisman is equipped, he instead casts Bountiful Sunlight, gradually restoring HP for a duration.

Side Special, Shield Bash/Lightning Spear- Solaire slams his shield forward, dealing small amounts of damage and knockback and bouncing projectiles back. If his Sunlight Talisman is equipped, he instead casts Lightning Spear, a powerful bolt of lightning that travels horizontally for long distances.

Up Special, Force- Solaire pulls out his Sunlight Talisman and casts Force, knocking all enemies and projectiles away from him and launching himself upward if airborne.

Down Special, Parry/Great Magic Barrier- Solaire uses his Sunlight Shield to parry an attack, allowing a followup Riposte for massive damage by pressing any attack button. If his Sunlight Talisman is equipped, he instead casts Great Magic Barrier, massively reducing damage from projectiles and negating knockback for a duration.

Standard attacks:

If Solaire is holding his Sunlight Talisman, he casts Sunlight Blade before attacking.

Neutral attack- Solaire swings his Sunlight Straight Sword horizontally.

Forward tilt- Solaire stabs forward.

Down tilt- Solaire kicks downward in the direction he's facing. This can be used to knock down edge grabbing enemies.

Up tilt- Solaire sweeps the air above him with his Sunlight Straight Sword.

Smash attacks:

If Solaire is holding his Sunlight Talisman, he will cast Sunlight Spear after a smash attack instead of equipping Gold Pine Resin.

Forward smash- Solaire charges a powerful vertical swing of his Sunlight Straight Sword, equipping Gold Pine Resin.

Up smash- Solaire charges a vertical stab straight up, equipping Gold Pine Resin.

Down smash- Solaire charges a low vertical sweeping slash that knocks enemies into the air, equipping Gold Pine Resin.


Praise the Sun!

Realism: Dark Souls is published by Bandai Namco, who is the developer of smash bros.

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Wolf Link/Midna
This is something I've thought up and briefly mentioned, but I guess I'll go in-depth on it now:

B standard:
Midna makes them both disappear in a flurry of Twilight for a short moment
Link dashes a short distance in that direction, if there's a fighter close enough he grabs them, similar to Lucario's side move
Press the stick down and hold B for Midna to create a circle of twilight. When you release, Link will dash between any fighters caught in it and deal damage to them
Up+B :
Midna uses her hand to grab a platform/another fighter.

Howling various Zelda songs.

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Aug 31, 2014
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Wolf Link/Midna
This is something I've thought up and briefly mentioned, but I guess I'll go in-depth on it now:

B standard:
Midna makes them both disappear in a flurry of Twilight for a short moment
Link dashes a short distance in that direction, if there's a fighter close enough he grabs them, similar to Lucario's side move
Press the stick down and hold B for Midna to create a circle of twilight. When you release, Link will dash between any fighters caught in it and deal damage to them
Up+B :
Midna uses her hand to grab a platform/another fighter.

Howling various Zelda songs.
what about tilts/smashes


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Estelle Bright - Trails in the Sky

"Estelle Braces for Battle!"

Style of play: Estelle is an all-rounder. Good ranged and melee options, though she doesn't particularly excel in any one area. Her versatility more than makes up for that, though. Her arts and crafts (specials and smashes) keep things varied and fun.


Neutral A - Two quick swipes of her staff, with the second being a rising swipe. Good for starting combos.

F-tilt - A strong swing downwards. Quick, but not that powerful.

U-tilt - An upwards strike with a fairly wide arc.

D-tilt - A sideways strike, aimed a bit lower, as if you're targeting the opponent's legs.

Side B - Casts Aqua Bleed at the opponent. A medium damage, medium range attack, with an average cooldown.

Down B - Casts Earth Guard, a self-buff which reduces damage for a brief period of time, with a longer cooldown than side B.

Up B - Casts Sylphen Wing downwards, a magical wind-based attack (weak damage) that propels her upwards, not unlike Robin's up B.

Neutral B - Casts Tear, a weak spell that heals a bit of damage, but locks her in place during the duration of healing. Medium cooldown.

F-smash (Hard Break) - A heavy forward strike. The go-to KO move, but also has a chance to inflict a very short moment of stun on the opponent.

U-smash (Hurricane) - After a quick twirl of her staff, Estelle holds out the staff and spins rapidly, catching any nearby opponents in the attack. Does moderate damage, but each spin counts as its own attack, so the damage can build up relatively quickly.

D-smash (Comet) - Estelle rushes forward with a quick strike that does moderate damage. Positive of this is how it can interrupt any attack. The negative is that you don't get any I-frames while doing it, so it's something to be used carefully.

Final Smash
: Joshua joins her for a brief animated cutscene of them riding in on a dragon to deliver a team attack. This sounds completely anime for the sake of it, but there's an in-universe explanation as to why this happens, lol.


Side taunt: Staff twirl, a wink, and "piece of cake!"

Up taunt: "Time for ul-tra-vi-o-lence!"

Down taunt: A bit of a growl, then "Urge to kill, rising!"


Silver Will (standard and vocal version)
Sophisticated Fight
Strepitoso Fight
Determination of Fight
The Merciless Savior
Silver Will Super Arrange
Obstructive Existence
Amber Amour
Fateful Confrontation
The Whereabouts of Light (instrumental and vocal)
Zeiss Theme
Rolent Theme

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May 5, 2022
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Soldier of Hyrule:

Literally another Link "echo", but heavier, stronger, and slower.

There are bow and arrow soldiers, sword and shield soldiers, and bomb soldiers.

Instead of boomerangs, they would throw spears, as there aren't boomerang soldiers, but there are spear soldiers, and instead of spin attacks with their sword, they will swing a ball and chain like the, well, ball and chain soldiers. Also, they will use the ball and chain as a tether grab in place of a hookshot.

Finally, the ball and chain spin attack will be much more powerful where the ball is, so it'll have bigger range, but barely do anything with the chain part.


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Mar 27, 2020
Cuphead functions similar to Mega Man, with his Peashooter for his neutral attacks. By holding Shield, Cuphead can move while shooting. Standing still, Cuphead can fire in six directions: Forward, Up, Up Left, Up Right, Down Left, and Down Right. Cuphead can move during his specials.

Neutral Special is Chaser, a weak projectile that homes in on fighters with low damage

Side Special is Spreadshot with short range but high damage.

Up Special is a parry off of a pink spring found in Werner Werman’s fight. The spring can cause low damage from above.

Down Special is Lobber with a slow rate of fire but high damage

Final Smash is Super Art 1, a big milk beam that only lasts for ten seconds. Similar to Samus’ and Mii Gunner’s FS but you can’t move and it’s way shorter.
May 5, 2022
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Two characters, one clone, one unique.

I'm honestly a bit surprised Raichu isn't in the game, considering it would take almost no development time. Just make a bigger Pikachu model, reshape certain parts to look right for Raichu (like the tail), and then change the damage/knockback of moves to be higher, and make him heavier and slower than Pikachu. I certainly would have preferred Raichu over Pichu in Melee (don't get me wrong, I love Pichu being in Smash, especially its gimmick, but like, Raichu is cooler).

Okay, here is the more unique character, for a change.

Great Fairy.

Would be a sword fighter/spellcaster, like Hero or Robin.

Wields the Great Fairy's Sword, as a bastard sword (it's bigger than the Master Sword in Soulcalibur II, but smaller than the Biggoron's Sword). If you don't know, a bastard sword is also called a 1 and a half handed sword, because those untrained in them almost always had to use two hands, but you could be trained to wield it one handed, but it would still be a bit unwieldy. GF will use it sometimes as a one handed sword, sometimes as a two handed sword, as a result.

Up Special: Turn into a Zelda II Fairy, and fly up and slightly forward. Like a 27.5 degree angle (assuming straight up is a 0 degree angle). Puts you into free fall. Special: Fairy is actually Zelda II Fairy Sprite sized (compared to Link in Smash and Zelda II, even though they aren't the same Link), so it is harder to hit you. However, size changes do not affect the Zelda II Fairy size.

Side Special: Break apart into Stray Fairies, and swarm forward. Any caught in it take little damage, and very minor knockback, if any. Travels farther than Fox's Side Special, since it isn't useful for attacking. Can be chained into Up Special, but if not done so, will put you into free fall. Special: Stray Fairies change to match your outfit, kinda like Majora's Mask Stray Fairies matching their Great Fairy color.

Neutral Special: Magic Spin Attack. GF charges a Magic Spin Attack like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. However, like a lot of charge moves in Smash, you can store the charge for later, instead of having to use it right away. Special: I'm not sure if there should be a Magic Power system, but if so, this will be a weak quick spin attack if GF is out of Magic Power.

Down Special: I'm not sure if this should be a Command Menu, to fit various spells and Magic Power consuming items from the Zelda franchise, or if it should be something else I had in mind, that being a Bottle Swipe, which acts like a Reflector, but if used close enough, will put the enemy in the bottle (until they break free or Down Special is used again). If Bottle Swipe is used when there is an enemy in the bottle, the GF will consume the enemy, like a Poe in a Bottle, and gain a random effect, also like consuming a Poe in a Bottle. The Bottle is loosely based off of the "Link in a Bottle" Great Fairy weapon from Hyrule Warriors.

Final Smash: Consumes a Bottle of Great Fairy's Tears, then rushes in to strike fast and hard. That or a Fairy Bottle is pulled out by the GF, and fuctions as the Fairy Bottle item in Smash.

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