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demon slayer review [spoilers]


Jan 19, 2018
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this thread has demon slayer spoilers

demon slayer is a manga about a group of people who fight demons. the demons are all descendant from a single man who has the ability to turn people into demons by putting his blood into them. once people are demons they usually become evil and eat people. The main character is someone who's family was killed by demons and his sister was turned into a demon but remains in control of herself. While trying to get revenge and find a way to turn his sister back into a human he joins a demon hunting organization and joins the war against the demons. The story takes a pretty predictable route from start to finish that basically consists of the characters fighting demon lieutenants of increasing strength until they eventually fight the boss demon and kill him and then the story ends. The fight scenes were very long and not particularly interesting. They mostly consisted of the characters taking turns using their special attacks on each other until someone was about to die and then they'd have a flashback and gain a powerup and the process would repeat for a while until the villain finally stayed dead. There wasn't anything particularly redeeming about the fights themselves. The characters were mostly uninteresting. People were mostly either generic kind-hearted and hard working shounen characters or they were cruel seeming people who were actually hiding the fact that they were kind-hearted and hard working deep down. The language the author uses to describe female characters felt a little weird and awkward. The few female characters are typically described as being physically weaker but making up for it in some way (ie: by using poison). I didn't like it.

Ultimately the manga was pretty boring and had little to no redeeming qualities, and I was bothered by the way they wrote the female characters. I give Demon Slayer a 2/5 because i didn't enjoy reading it.


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I'm not a manga person, but I LOVE demonslayer. Just finished book 7 today! Now that you mention it, I guess there isn't a ton of main female characters. But eh, its good anyway. I love the action and the character depth. 4/5 for me, points off for sometimes too much goofiness.

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