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Spoiler Demise and the Sealing Spike

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After playing Skyward Sword for my third time I noticed something interesting, In the past in the sealed grounds were demise was just recently sealed by Hylia the sealing spike is not there!!

Now I'm not sure if it was just a flaw in the game or if it was supposed to be like that, but assuming that it was supposed to be like that It raises the question, how, why, and who put the sealing spike there if Hylia did not?

After thinking long and hard I think that Impa put it there when she was younger. She was the only person in the temple, so it had to have been her. I think that maybe the imprisoned broke the seal causeing impa to have to do something to seal him away again so she put the sealing spike there.

Really there are lots of possible theorys to explain this but since we have no actual facts to back our theories up with then we can only hope that maybe hyrule historia explains this or we can only speculate.

So what do you guys think, do you think it was a flaw in game design, or was it supposed to be that way.


The spike was probably put in place after Link defeated Demise in the past, and that seal is breached three times in the present, and then Demise dies. As for the scar, there are two explanations for that. 1) Demise had it before Hylia sealed him as the Imprisoned. 2) Fi states that Demise ha conquered time, which Demise seems to confirm, himself when he states he waited eons to return after Ghirahim revives him in the past when he was just sealed. As such, he might have the scar from the spike in the present.


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I agree with TheBlueReptile. He could have removed it for the ceromony. That would explain how Demise got out quicker than usual. However, I think what really happened is that Nintendo didn't want the spike to get in the way when you're battling Ghirahim, but really that would actually make it more interesting. He could have gotten on top of it and shot some kind of laser from there, but like I said. Most likely just Nintendo's doing.


...Or that's where Impa hid the Master Sword, and the seal you were re-charging the whole time was really that. Impa.. always messin' with stuff.
Jan 1, 2011
Okay (I'm talking about at the past atm so don't get confused when I say this)
Demise was trying to take control of the world and Hylia was trying to stop him. But at the moment where Demise and Link was at, Hylia wasn't really "there to put the Sealed Stone there". When Link was in his time, the Stone was there and so was Impa. She claims that she has been protecting the Stone so that Demise wouldn't rise again. Now that Link has shown up, Demise has been trying to break free (and whatever).
Now let this be my opinion of what happened, and realise I only played through this once, so I'm pretty sure I left a few things out as well, but I feel like Ghirahim had nothing to do with the Stone being removed. (Other than him trying to revive him in the past of course)


Since it's meant to seal Demise and Ghirahim was trying to revive Demise, Ghirahim could've removed the sealing spike.
Dec 29, 2011
i don't know about the spike but their is a dialogue error demise says he has waited eons to be revived but this is in the time where he had just been sealed if that is true then how could it have been eons
im guessing dialogue error


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Feb 21, 2012
OR maybe the selaling spike is the master sword

Think about this, the sealing spike is not there in the past, the MS is not in the pedestal in the present until after you defeat Demise, you leave the MS in the past and then return to the present, Impa could have taken it and turned (read: disguised) it into the Sealing spike, keep reading, Zelda wouldn't awaken until Demise was destroyed, so then why when we "destroy Demise in the past she didn't awaken, when we leave the past for the last time there are two zelda's, one that awakened in the resent and was (fabulously) abducted and one was still asleep, why the asleep one didn't awaken? easy, Demise was still there, sealed inside the master sword, the master sword then became the sealing spike, while was battling Demise, Impa fetched the sword from the sky keep and placed it on the pedestal, there are two master swords at all times untl the end of the game, in the past Link was wielding one while battilng Demise, the other one was in Skyloft (as the godess sword), between Past and present the MS remained as the sealing spike and the godess sword was left untouched, in the present it was still the Sealing spike while the one that was in Skyloft was being forged into the true master sword, after the endgame, link leaves the true master sword in the past and the sealing spike is placed on the pedestal by Impa as the MS, it's complicated, but it makes sense, the only thing you have to do is asume the sealing spike is the Master sword and then everything makes sense.


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Mar 20, 2012
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It's more than likely possible Ghirahim took it out.
Yet, also It's likely the spike was not yet placed.

It could go both ways.
As for the MS theory, I'm not so sure.
If .... that really.... makes sense.... at all....

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