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Aug 29, 2011
Portland, OR
I'm sorry to hear that, ZH. : /

I'm in a bit of a situation, haha. (prepare for a looooong read. @[email protected]) There's a girl I've been good friends with for almost a year; over the course of the summer, we started becoming a bit more to each other. It started when her boyfriend dumped her out of nowhere back in June, and early on in July, she and I were much closer and flirtatious than before. A lot of cuddling, hand-holding, etcetera. So things were going well, and we eventually both told one another how we felt and set up a date.

This is where things became uncertain. I went away to Canada for a week and she went camping; I came back, we hung out a couple times, but I could tell we didn't quite have that same spark when we were together. Or rather, while I felt the same, it seemed as though her interest was waning, for whatever reason.

Things proceeded extremely slowly between us. More than a month after coming back from my trip, we finally had the date we had planned a week before I left. Suffice to say, things weren't going as well as I had hoped. She seemed to enjoy herself and we had a good time, but it felt more like we were just hanging out as friends. I didn't really make any moves because I just got the feeling that she wasn't feeling it, which discouraged me.

So our contact became even more sparse following the date. So I sort of groveled for most of the following week, trying to figure out how I could rekindle that spark. One night I stopped by a friend's house who invited me to hang out, and a couple other people were there. His friend, a guy notoriously good with women, and a girl.

So, I stayed and hung out, talked, nothing big. I definitely didn't try to leave much of an impression on the aforementioned girl outside of some small talk and whatnot. So the next day, I go jogging at night and come to realize that perhaps the best way to win back the girl's interest is to make her jealous. I'm not a fan of playing games, but I knew for a fact she was very jealous by nature, and perhaps the reason she had started ignoring me was because I was too devoted to the idea of being with her.

So I plan with the friend I hung out with from the previous night, and I feel pretty great about the whole plot. Then, out of nowhere, the girl from the previous night (who added me on facebook) sends me her number and starts texting me. I shrug it off initially, pre-occupied with my own agenda, but the next day it becomes obvious that she's flirting.

The next day I meet with the same friend, along with the ladies man who was originally with the girl who started texting me when I met her, and a female friend of mine that had agreed to "flirt" with me in front of the girl who I'm trying to get to notice me again. We start planning and I keep getting texts from the girl from the other night, and the ladies man guy just kind of chuckles and says that she started ignoring him the previous day, which is when she started texting me like crazy. So we all agree that this girl is quite interested in me.

Her interest in me continues to rise, and I find out a detail that fits in nicely with our plan to make the other girl jealous; she works at the same restaurant we all planned on going to eat at before hanging out as a group, and we figure that she'll flirt with me in front of the other girl if we go there, thus provoking her jealousy.

At this point everything just starts flowing naturally, but I make sure not to be flirty with the girl who's texting me, because I don't want to toy with her feelings. Regardless, she starts flirting with me more and more forwardly, and by Friday, when we all get to the restaurant, she's pretty smitten. The girl who I aimed to make jealous reacted much more strongly than I anticipated, despite the fact that I didn't end up actually doing anything. The actual "plan" never got carried out, because we were going to meet up with the female friend who was going to "flirt" with me later on, after eating.

While eating, the girl who had been texting me kept coming back to our table and talking to me, and while she was obviously interested (and everyone could tell) I remained pretty neutral, just making polite conversation. However, the other girl became increasingly agitated, sending me texts such as "Why are you acting weird? Are you mad at me?", and when I offered to talk things over with her, she blew me off and angrily walked away from me.

So on our way back to my friend's house (we walked) she avoided me and was very closed off, and when we got there, she decided to just walk to her house. 30 minutes later I start receiving very angry texts from her acting as though I was putting the moves on the girl at the restaurant, and everyone else agreed that wasn't the case at all.

So obviously, she still had interest in me, but she became incredibly frustrated and I wasn't sure if it was just an initial over-reaction or if she was genuinely that jealous. So she avoided talking to me for a couple days; in that time, the OTHER girl started talking to me more and more, and I decided to tell her about the situation with the other girl and how she had become jealous upon seeing her talk to me.

I told her this in the hopes that maybe she would ease off, and she was really cool about it; I knew the girl who had been texting me wasn't the jealous type and would likely understand, so I felt like telling her was the best thing I could do at the point, to avoid awkwardness. So we both kept talking and agreed to be friends.

But of course things don't end up being that simple.

Over the next few days she has an increasingly hard time sticking with her own oath to remain friends. Her flirtations become even more obvious and she texts me more and more. Basically, from her perspective, it was like I was playing hard to get. This girl was one of the popular types in school, and still coaches cheerleaders, so you can kind of imagine that she's not used to guys not being crazy for her instead of vice versa. Essentially, I presented a challenge, and she wanted her way, so she was gonna go for it.

At the same time, the first girl apologized for over-reacting and we're on good terms once again. We're going to hang out sometime this week, just me and her, and I hope that something finally happens between us. Not just for my sake, but also because things can't keep progressing as they are with the other girl.

No matter what I do she persists. I don't flirt back and while I talk to her and joke around, I don't really leave much room for her to work with. Or at least, I don't try to. Heck, the other night me and the ladies man concocted a plan of our own to try and reverse our situations. She invited the both of us to a football game, we attended, and we both initially ignored her, which made her a bit crazy. Then he started talking to her a lot more and I still just sat back, and yet even then, she persisted. He got up to go to the bathroom, for example, and while we were sitting away from her, she got up and took his spot next to me and just kept at it.

I was almost entirely silent around her and yet she still persists. He hung out with her later that night and I went home thinking maybe the plan still had a shot of working, but still, she texted me. And I can't ignore her texts because, well, for one I'm a nice guy, and two, I've tried, and after like 10 minutes she texts me again. xD

Wellll that's about my entire situation, haha. Basically; I'm in a love triangle. :P I really want something more with the first girl but I don't want to hurt the second girl. Argh.
Aug 29, 2011
Portland, OR
Actually using jealousy can sometimes be the only thing you can do. xD

Some girls, like the one I'm interested in, sometimes don't like to make their feelings perfectly clear and close themselves off when you try and talk to them about it. Believe me, I tried talking to her on more than one occasion, and I really didn't have an alternative if I wanted to salvage any hope of things progressing further with her.


Demon slayer
Jan 29, 2010
Nothin', nobody. I've lived in Thailand for most of my life, and since I'm home-schooled, I don't have the 'privilege' of public school to talk to anyone, half the reason is that I can't speak Thai... I'm visiting folks in America, and I was hoping of at least talking to someone I don't know out here... but no. I'm not very sociable like that, not like the 'nerdy reclusive' way, but 'Nerdy-too-nervous-to-talk-to-anyone-I-don't-know' in-sociable.

Omega Fury

I ain't mad bro!
Sep 20, 2011
Buckeye State
There was this girl that acted like she liked me all the time until in 7th grade (Which is right now) She was paying attention to me at McDonald a few weeks ago, watching every move i did, when i see her at school, she thinks I'm invisible. How tragic.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Okay, so I recently found out some news about this girl. She is having some pretty hard times at home, and I genuinely care about her well-being. I would classify this as a sort of love. Anyway, I want to support her but have no idea how to. She doesn't like to show emotion at all, because of what happens at home. I'm thinking I should give her a hug, but how should I alert her beforehand??


Your Link to the Past
Jun 15, 2010
Hyrule in the winter, Canada in the summer
Be bold! Just comfort her and make her feel protected...be there for her and make sure she trusts you. When the time is right, just go for a nice hug (not too strong mind you!), maybe a pat on the back and just be relaxed. It's just one of those "in the moment" type situations. I'm sure you'll get it right mate!


The Legend of Time
Sep 24, 2011
Bristol Rhode island
Well, I got a lot of stories I could share. But instead, I'll jst tell you about right now.

There is this girl in my class named Caroline.
I really liked her, and tried to get her to like me back.
My friends all tried to help,
but it was obvious she didnt like me at all.
So I said screw it,
but then,
my friend Ophelia said I should keep trying.
But that just made me wonder about Ophelia,
I had known her for a while, and definately knew I had some fellings for her,
I just didnt realise they were love.
I realised that I cared so much about her,
I did everything I could to get this boy she likes to like her back.
But, I'm absent for one day,
and all of a sudden she's going out with this kid named Travis. I was really confused, so I told her how I fealt,
but she doesnt feel the same :(

And the mother of all love stories,
I was new at my last school when I started getting picked on.
All by this kid named, Cory Vickers, my arch nemisis.
Our conflict continued for years, and never seemed to settle.
One year, I meet Taylor, the girl of mt dreams.
So after I got to know her a bit, I asked her out.
Of course it was a no.
But then, Cory swooped in, as usual, and took what mattered most to me, Taylor.
So our struggle hightened, and our battles became feirce.
Until one day, I told him I wanted to end it all.
I fought all my old friends in despair, as they joined Cory.
And after defeating them all, Cory fled.
But I chased him to the place of our final battle,
he had Taylor tied up next to him,
she called out and told me she needed my help,
and that she loved me.
Then, all my emotion took over,
and I finnished what Cory started, all those years ago.
It was close, and i thought for sure Cory had me,
but out of nowhere,
My friend Brian(BlitZ) risked himself to save me,
after watching Brian get kicked around by Cory,
I focused all my wild energy into a single pinpoint,
aimed my fist at Cory,
and punched him in the chest with everything I had.
He was K.o.ed instantly, and fell down a long hill, into the water below. ( i didnt kill him, dont worry :) )
Taylor managed to get free of Cory's ameture knott during the fight,
and jumped up and hugged me.
I parted her bangs slightly, wispered I love you,
and kissed her as the rain began to fall.
She held my hanf tightly as I started to leave, she told me to stay,
then I broke it to her that i was moving,
but she still begged.
So I kissed her forehead lightly,
picked her up,
and carried her home.


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Sep 10, 2011
Love is for those who can't go on alone. a woman taught me that as she took all my money and sped away in her mom's van with her new boyfriend.
Jun 21, 2011
Going 2 Hyrule Castle
The feeling of like/love (not lust) hardly happens to me, these are it:

1st girl I liked happened in second grade but did nothing because I was afraid of other kids making fun of me
2nd girl I liked, I realized while she was dating so I and she ended up having ___ (never thought about her the same way)
3rd girl I liked, and still kinda do, was weird because she was a new girl and she started flirting with me and when I finally killed off the nerves to do something, she just disappeared to another school :( now I see her once in a while :*(
4th and current girl I like is also going out with someone but learning from experience 1, 2, & 3, I am actually gonna do something about it, win her over before she gets serious with her boyfriend or disappears.

I really hope I win over girl number 4 ¡Pray for me!
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GoodNight SunShine!
Mar 7, 2009
Gran Pulse
4th and current girl I like is also going out with someone but learning from experience 1, 2, & 3, I am actually gonna do something about it, win her over before she gets serious with her boyfriend or disappears.
I don't think you should do that. If she's happy with the person she's dating; then you should leave it alone and try finding somebody else. It would be different if she were single, but if she's currently taken by somebody else then I don't think anyone should interfere. Sorry, no offense. Its just an opinion.
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Jun 21, 2011
Going 2 Hyrule Castle
I don't think you should do that. If she's happy with the person she's dating; then you should leave it alone and try finding somebody else. It would be different if she were single, but if she's currently taken by somebody else then I don't think anyone should interfere. Sorry, no offense. Its just an opinion.
True, but I really like her, besides she barely started going out with her boyfriend and I get the vibe she likes me too. It would be the nice thing to let her be but nice guys finish last. I don't want to finish last.


GoodNight SunShine!
Mar 7, 2009
Gran Pulse
True, but I really like her, besides she barely started going out with her boyfriend and I get the vibe she likes me too. It would be the nice thing to let her be but nice guys finish last. I don't want to finish last.
Nice guys can finish first too. I understand what your saying, but you don't want to have confrontation with someone for taking their girlfriend, right? Did they recently get together?
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
I'm catching on that a couple people have a crush on me, they always start a conversation on Facebook, always greet me when they walk by, y'know. Just small stuff like that.

Hyrulian Angel

Love? The first boy I really loved and crushed upon was in 4th grade. He was a total sweetheart, an amazing artist, and an obsessive gamer! We would have hour discussions about Legend of zelda which was (and still is) my obsession at the time. Sadly, I thought we were too young to date so I never asked him out. He ended up crushing on me up till 7th grade and we went to a dance together but never anything outside of school. The endings really sad though. One day, I learned he asked a distant friend of mine out on a date out of peer preasure. Before I knew it, they fell in love. Of course, the girl is now my best friend and I still sorta like the guy. However, I just can't break them up. So, I now have to live with the regret of not going out with him.

So why am I telling you this? Well, true love doesn't happen all the time like in Disney, legend of zelda, etc. If you all in love, go for it!
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Goron Nick

I don't even know what love is ZH......The last love I had didn't have a mutual feeling(Found out in the end.) Yeah, I'm talkin' about Alissa. I mean, I'm over it, but still kinda confused.

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