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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
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Hey, hey, hey! No reason to burn my CoD games! Come on now, aren't y'all more civilized than that?!
You can kindly hate (oxymoron I believe?) other series, just don't resort to burning mah stuff!!


Apr 22, 2011
I have never seen a Zelda hater in my life.
I have only seen zelda fans that hate on other games..


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May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
I've seen Zelda haters before. Usually, they only hate Zelda because it doesn't have guns, online multiplayer, seems nerdy (and it most certainly isn't so don't flame me because I said that), and basically because they haven't played any of the games, and if they have, it was most likely a CD-I game.

For example, I know a guy who won't play Zelda because (and I quote) "Halo's better." Don't get me wrong, I think Halo is a great series (a little cliche, though), but it just can't match the epicness of Zelda. Also, Halo's been around for almost ten years. Zelda, for just over 25. Now, if the Zelda series sucked, why would it last 25 years? His answer, "because people don't know a great game when they play it." Yes they do, that's why they're playing Zelda.

For whatever reason, online multiplayer has become more important to the game than the actual game itself. And "cool" gamers buy that way. That's like buying a DVD not for the movie, but for the Special Features. Quite honestly, if it weren't for our Zelda, your Halo, your Call of Duty, your Battlefield 3, even your Bioshock wouldn't have ever existed. And even a bit later, without 007 GoldenEye on the N64, your first-person shooter games wouldn't exist. GoldenEye was the game that perfected first-person multiplayer, not Halo.

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Jul 9, 2011
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my two best friends are COD fanboys and we get along just fine. in fact, one time i showed them oot and mm and they loved it, although one of them thought the Great Deku tree was trying to eat him... anyways it just goes to show that not all COD lovers hate zelda. when people do say zelda sucks, i tell them to go play the games and if they still hate it, i will accept their opinion.
Sep 4, 2011
Here's my own personsal experience, like a week ago: I was watching the Skyward Sword trailer at school because it was sooo awesome and I wanted to show my friends (they used to not like Nintendo, but now they want to buy it). While we were watching it, an idiot walked by. He asked what game it was and for what system. I answered SS for the Wii. He stupidly replied "Wii, that's terrible". I felt MAD. I WANTED TO HIT HIM SO HARD. If you want to see how I felt, see the Ghirahim cutscene before the battle. I felt how Ghirahim felt (o_O)
I am completely annoyed with people who dismiss a game as being bad because it's made by Nintendo, and the Wii is "childish".

Here is my reasoning behind their attitude:
Too obsessed with first-person shooters, even though those are the games that really suck. Those idiots can't appreciate everything Nintendo put into making actual good games. They say first-person shooters are the only good games, but most of them suck. They're basically the same game copied: Halo, COD, Killzone, etc. But there is only one ZELDA

I think we should either PAWN them in a Zelda game, or just let them not have the awesome fun of Zelda. I would choose option 1, so that we HUMILIATE THEM WITH ZELDA's EPICNESS THEN TELL THEM THEY CAN'T EVER PLAY THE GAME EVER AGAIN

Tell them that without Zelda, they wouldn't have the games they have today :devil:

Here's why:
Zelda introduced
- the save system (LoZ 1)
- plot-driven gameplay (LoZ 1)
- non-linear gameplay (LoZ 1)
- a game not based on highscores, but based on completion of game (LoZ 1)
- pre-rendered graphics (OoT)
- motion-controlled swordplay (TP)
- targeting system (z/l-targeting in OoT)
- 1:1 swordplay (SS)
- touch-based only gameplay (PH)
- adventure in a huge sandbox overworld, 2D and 3D (LoZ1 and OoT)
- connected games (oracle series)
- transformations (MM and TP)
- overworlds separate from dungeons (LoZ)
- Sidequests (AlttP)
- Sidekicks (OoT and TP)
- Different Art Styles (OoT, WW, TP, SS)
- Hidden Secrets
- Video Game Fandom

Zelda popularized
- adventure, third-person, swordplay, and many other game genres
- third-person view
- 3D environment
- strafing around enemies

^ I think we should strap the jerks that say "Zelda's gay" "(snicker) z-elda)" to the wall and make them watch us play Majoras Mask from start to finish and sow Majoras Mask on there face permanatley, and repeat the skullkids voice laughter for a hour then make them sleep and wake them up with a picture of the HMS in there face freaking them out.:devil: I would kick a persons balls to death if they say "zeldas gay".


Resident Netizen
May 10, 2010
Random house in Texas.
^ I think we should strap the jerks that say "Zelda's gay" "(snicker) z-elda)" to the wall and make them watch us play Majoras Mask from start to finish and sow Majoras Mask on there face permanatley, and repeat the skullkids voice laughter for a hour then make them sleep and wake them up with a picture of the HMS in there face freaking them out.:devil: I would kick a persons balls to death if they say "zeldas gay".

I've done that. Well, it wasn't just him saying Zelda's gay. He was a normal bully and he tormented me day after day, so I ended up racking him with steel-toe boots on, stomping on his nose when he was on the ground (breaking it), and humiliating him in front of a lot of people. He had tried to get a small crowd around to watch him beat the snot out of me, but after that little confrontation, he never bothered anyone again. In fact, he left the school the next week. It was funny because he tried to pin the entire blame on me by saying I attacked him, but after hearing about it from at least six others who were there, the principal let me off with a warning and let him off saying "I'd say your little encounter with him is punishment enough."

I guess I got way off-topic there, but still it's amazing how just because I play video games or just the fact that I play Zelda automatically makes me bully-fodder.


Oct 4, 2010
as I said before, tie them to a stick , slap them, and make them either throw all of the COD games in a grinder, or make them watch us burn all of their COD games..


Phantom of Time
Oct 2, 2011
I don't think I have come across anyone who has "hated" the Zelda franchise per se. :/ I've met people who haven't played it or haven't played much of it so that they don't understand the appeal, but other than that, my generation seems to be very Zelda-friendly.

The closest thing I've had to an experience with a Zelda hater was with my brother, who used to play the games and enjoy them along with me. He ended up losing interest in the Zelda games because he found first-person shooters to be more challenging and interesting to him. He also got a lot more into the multilayer games and ended up brushing off Nintendo as an inferior gaming platform, claiming what they provide for games to be too "childish" for his liking.

However, he still understands the importance of Zelda games and although he doesn't find them to be his cup of tea anymore, he has never bashed the franchise as far as I know. :/
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Jul 28, 2011
Oh, back last year I dealt with a Zelda hater. Well, no matter how much structured evidence I gave he still didn't like the series.
Haters gonna hate, but at least we're smart enough to enjoy this over overly-repetitive FPS games.

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Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
I'd rather pay 1 million pounds for one second of Zelda than free footage and gameplay of Call of Duty for whenever I want. I am serious.

But anyway, I can't stand my friends. I told them that CoD is overrated and that they should try another game or something, and they said to me,
"Most games today are crap. Nintendo Pii and Xbox 36-pee, Ps3 rules because of it's graphics and CoD,"

._. Pathetic. Basically they were saying that 360p and 720p consoles that have some of the best libraries of games are the worst inventions in history because of graphics. Sure, PS3 is an awesome console, but not because of graphics.

They even said Zelda and Pokemon are for nerds.... what the heck?


I don't care if anyone talks garbage about Zelda without playing it.
I'm too marture to let their immaturity bug me. There is nothing to be gained from "defending" your fandom. Zelda games don't have feelings.

I just let their ignorance be their loss. There are plenty of people not worth talking talking to, and they're some of them.
my lil bro at school told me this:"i asked some kids named kyle and larry about if they liked zelda,and they cut/tackled/slapped me until there was a bruise.i told on them for hurting me but guess what?they said i was lying and they were faking innocence".who feels bad about this?my bro was younger and it was no fair so i sugusted him to play oot3ds.he felt better.who feels uncomfortable.
Sep 4, 2011
The closest i've had with a zelda hater was "(snicker) z-elda?" but i'm serious, i will kick there children from birth........ yahh, I want my retribution on others from school so bad for treating me as if mentaly.


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Mar 9, 2010
49.9°N 8.2°E
At least in real life, I've never actually had an experience with Zelda haters. Most of my friends who are about my age don't even play video games anymore at all or very rarely, if they do then it's usually just some iphone "games" (can we really call them games?), Facebook "MMORPGs" etc.
I guess they just don't want to spend money on games even though none of them are poor, some are rather "upper middle class". They are like "New iphone for €600? Sure thing. Winter jacket for €300? Bought. Video game for €40? Way too expensive!"
Some of us have played aLttP back in the day and we all really liked it, I can remember no one saying "This game sucks" or even "This game is meh". But then again I think I'm the only one of us who even knows that there are still other Zelda games, the other guys just don't care.

But if some people really dislike the series, well then let them. As long as there are no personal attacks resulting from that, I'm OK with it. If someone says "Zelda sucks because it's kiddy. I'm playing 'mature' games only bla blah blah" well then I pity them for their stupidity and move on. But if someone says "Hahaha you play Zelda, therefore you're the 'gayest'/kiddiest/<insert more slurs here> a-hole of the world" well then he deserves a good punch in the face or kick in the balls. I guess I'd still try to hold back and just ignore such "smart" people.

I guess the reason why so many 12 year olds prefer games with a higher rating is the fact that it's "forbidden". And if something is "forbidden" or "dangerous" then this makes it 10x more interesting, that's how the mind of a child works, I was no exception either ;) For example I was always thrilled by starting fires when I was a child. (No, I didn't set valuable things on fire, just your regular campfire in an XXS version with small wooden sticks, of course outside with no other flammable stuff around, needless to say nothing ever happened but I learned a lot.) Or "visiting" house construction sites was also very "interesting" - one reason for that was it being not allowed by our parents. So nowadays kids at that age might just see an "M" or "18" rating and think "Wow, this must be interesting! Gotta have it" Just let them grow up and they'll probably change their minds and actually redefine 'mature' and 'kiddy' (while I'm at it, what about for example Majora's Mask is kiddy?) The funny and ironic thing about that all is that while kids/young teenagers play preferably those so called "mature" games, young adults might rather prefer so called "kiddy" games (including the old NES/SNES/N64 titles they grew up with).

Personally I also don't hate shooter games at all. I played some CoD (I think it was either MW2 or Black Ops) a year ago for some minutes at a LAN party and from what I've seen it really is a solid, fast-paced and technically sound shooter game and I'm sure you can have lots of fun with it in huge multiplayer sessions. It's just that I'm not a fan of online gaming and we do those LAN parties only around once a year so I'm not shelling out €60 for such a game (and they release a new one with just some minor graphic updates and a few new gimmicks every year at that price!). I wouldn't enjoy it as single player vs bots or in mission mode if there is one because in that case it'd be boring for me becuase I'd miss all the elements that are present for example in Zelda (the many many new items which vary so much more from each other than different guns could ever do, health/magic/defense upgrades, the story progression, puzzles, new enemies, bosses, sidequests etc.). So we usually stick to the good old Counter-Strike (from 2000) at such events because it already has everything I need in a shooter game: The graphics are still OK, you can go Full HD if you want to and I don't need gimmicks like riding tanks/flying helicopters etc., throwing grenades is sufficient for me. There are already more than enough different weapons. Oh and the last thing I need is a counter-productive promotion system. And I like how many excellent custom maps are available, this is IMO better than hyper-realistic graphics which could maybe even hinder the creation of custom maps because you'd be wasting too much time with all the graphical details instead of the core structure when making a map.

I think we all shouldn't do the same thing that we're accusing others of: Hating on a certain gaming genre/series or even worse - hating on the people that play such games - without even having played a single game out of it. You cannot complain about Zelda haters who dislike the series because it's 'kiddy' or because it has technically inferior graphics - and then go on in the next sentence with hating other games (and their fans) because they have 'too much blood' or are 'too realistic'(!). Sorry but that is highly hypocritical. In my book, there's absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between calling people "kiddy" because they enjoy Zelda/Mario/... and calling people "graphics whores" because they prefer modern HD games. Isn't a game allowed to have nice graphics? Does this automatically make it superficial or bland? I don't think so.
I'd actually really like it if they took the "best of both worlds" for the next Zelda game on Wii U: The excellent story, gameplay, music etc. aspects combined with state-of-the-art graphics. This would really shut up all the haters, on both sides that is.

/ends rant
Aug 20, 2011
In my country the people don`t like adventure games... I`m the only one that doesn`t like FPS. And i can live with that. They don`t hate Zelda, they just don`t like adventure games.

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