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Deku Scrubs

Do You Also Miss Them?

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There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
Note: I left the title "unspoiled" because there is nothing containing spoilers in this post.

Was anyone surprised to find Dekus left out of Skyward Sword? I mean, we haven't seen hide nor hair of them since Majora's Mask (not counting the OoT remakes or portables), and I was really looking forward to seeing their origin as well. It is cool that SS will be featuring a new array of races. They only came to my mind when I saw the enemies that emerged from holes and spewed out rocks, but later discovered those were Octoroks. Ever since then I've been awaiting word on the Dekus; now it's clear they won't appear at all. I guess they only had the palace in Termina, and roamed the Lost Woods and Kokiri Forest for a time in OoT. Still, it would've been neat to see their culture in a whole new light, as Skyward Sword will show a lot of things as they were near the beginning.

Does anybody else miss seeing the frisky Shrubs in a 3D title?
Sep 18, 2011
I assume you refer to 'Dekus' as in an actual tribe of NPCs that inhabit a certain region and not as those silly enemies that shoot nuts at you.

Yes, Dekus have only been present in Majora's Mask, which took place in Termina instead of hyrule. No game that took place in Hyrule ever contained any Deku population. It can thus be assumed that no Deku population exists in Hyrule and since SS takes place in and above the land that will become Hyrule, no Deku tribe will exist in SS.
However, some tribes that exist in SSs´ to-be-Hyrule, like the Mogma´s and these Penguin dudes that paradoxically inhabit the desert region have never been seen in any other Hyrule-based Zelda Game, thus the Deku's could have been added to the game anyway.

But do I miss them? Not much.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
There were Dekus both good and bad living in Hyrule in Minish Cap and Four Swords Adventures. FSA attempted to portray them as another form of the transformation curse on those who enter the Lost Woods and they sided with Ganon because he promised to spread the woods all over Hyrule. Somehow they also shared the "cannot leave the forest" problem that was mentioned of the Kokiri.
The Lost Woods is our birthplace! If you wander lost here for too long, you too can become a Deku Scrub!" — Deku Scrub
"Soon, Lord Ganon's power will change all of Hyrule's forests into Lost Woods! Once that happens, we'll be able to travel freely!" — Deku Scrub

However not many of them actually attacked link, they only spoke to him. There were definitely enough of them to have a civilization but they did not have the larfe palace like the Terminean counterparts. They were relatively friendly in MC only they had strange ways that caused problems between them and Hylians. One tried to have a shop in Hyrule during the Picori Festival but every time he talked he would spit deku seeds at people. It was explained that they sometimes spit seeds while talking and this hurt their business with other people, which was never intentional. They only wanted to have a business and make money.

"I heard there was a festival, and I came to town hoping to hawk my wares. Unfortunately, we scrubs have a tendency to spit nuts when we speak! Everyone got scared and ran away, and no one would buy anything! This is a terrible place to do business! I'm going back to my cave!" — Business Scrub

I think they are an interesting grey area species to be found in Hyrule. They are not completely bad or good, their mood depends on the situation. While almost everything else is either a friendly race or monster, the scrubs can both with a few members that are a little crazy and attack anything. In that regard they are more well rounded as a species than almost everyone else in Hyrule. However it looks like octorocks have taken their place as the ambush shooters in SS. Since there are so many pics of octorocks with grass on their heads that pop out of the ground and spot rocks at Link it looks like the mad scrub position in SS has been taken. Also it seems that SS is taking a while new direction with the species that live in Hyrule this time by not including almost all of the previously known races and instead having several new very different ones. I do not think Zora will be appearing at all and it seems we might not have the scrubs either. The Kikwi also appear to have taken their place as the friendly race that hides in the forest and occasionally trades with Link.


The local treehugger
Sep 23, 2011
I certainly do. ^^ Mainly because of MM. MM was the very first Zelda game I ever played when I was young. I really loved those cute little thing's~! I think they're those kind of creature's/races that I'll probably always have a soft spot for, despite the fact that most people see them as lesser enemies rather than being a race, but MM really showed so much more about them, I think it sort of show's they are capable of being more than just a forest baddie. lol

I do hope Nintendo will bring them back, they're just too cute I think, and I feel they're sort of just one of those thing's from Zelda that can't really be forgotten by long-time fans. Especially those who loved all the character's of Zelda, good or bad.


Shows over folks!
Oct 27, 2011
hm hm hm, you wonder where they have gone, * Lights torch, begins burning Deku Scrubs * , i'm certainly not torturing them for information. he he.
Sep 25, 2011
Weren't Deku Scrubs primarily in the 64 games? I know they were in the Minish Cap too but they've never had an appearance outside of those three have they? I remember someone saying in a review that octoroks are retaking their place under their bushes and rocks as the ambush enemy.
Jul 22, 2011
Weren't Deku Scrubs primarily in the 64 games? I know they were in the Minish Cap too but they've never had an appearance outside of those three have they? I remember someone saying in a review that octoroks are retaking their place under their bushes and rocks as the ambush enemy.
They appear in the Oracles games, as well.


Suzune Supporter
Apr 17, 2011
Actually. I found them to be quite anoying. I couldn't really fight well in OoT so I basicly got killed by Deku Scrubs many times in the lost woods. In Majora's Mask, I was kinda angry that we have to go through an entire castle of dekus... (not to mention being turned into one)

I'm sure they'll return, since they've been in almost all the Zelda games. They're part of the franchise, you can't go anywhere without 'em.

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