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Death of the Author

Jul 14, 2019
I didn't realize someone had already made practically this exact same thread before. Sorry all, feel free to delete if a mod is viewing this :)

Death of the Author is a term used to refer to the idea that the creator of a piece of media is entirely separate from their creations. Quite simply it states that once a piece of work is complete it's connection to the author should be considered severed, and the work then belongs to the public.

This essentially also means that all power the author has over the work from a creative point of view vanishes. Their word on continuity or canonical facts becomes only as powerful as any of the work's readers and by extension means that there is no greater authority on in-work matters than the work itself. Death of the Author was originally crafted as a means of talking about written works, but many people now also apply it to other media such as films and games.

What do you think? We live in a world now where authors and creators are more connected to their audience than ever. Some make use of this, with one of the most prolific examples being J.K.Rowling who continually adds to her written works after the fact in things like fan interactions and twitter posts. However, others tend to remain as separate as they can such as John Green who insists he has no more power over his novel than his fans do. Do you think one is right and one is wrong or is there a balance to hit here, and what other forms of media do you think fall under this branch?
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