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Dead Soldier

Sep 7, 2008
yeah that was also my first reaction.
you know what's interesting? the fact that i have never seen a normal person die in a zelda title. (putting aside link 's uncle in Alttp).

and the funny part is "he's not moving anymore" :xd:
why didn 't they just put "he passed away"

Links uncle is just injured. He recovers in the end sequence.


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Dec 29, 2008
Whoaaa that was depressing but awesome. How did I miss that?! -Kicks self-
Well, I'm glad I saw it just now. But I just sprinted for the Temple of Time (Going to get the Master Sword) without looking back, which I'm sure most of here did, so that's why I think most of us missed this soldier dying.
Apr 10, 2009
^That's what I understood as well.

I saw him since my first play through it. I think it was a neat little detail to add to the feeling the cinema left on you.

Maybe to increase the dramatic effect or something. Or because they can't actually say that someone actually DIED in a Zelda game. That would be way too graphic for the kids and would push the rating up. (Sarcasm)

But I would personally would prefer a "Woah he friggen died!!!" from Navi instead. :D

Ahahahah! I agree. It would be fun.

I don't really understand the "ghost soldier" glitch though, does he appears twice? o_O

or is it just because he looks 'ghostly'?
Aug 7, 2008
I knew about it because I'd seen it on a video somewhere a long time ago, but when I tried to look for him, I didn't find him. I think I just went at the wrong time.

P.S. The video I saw him in was the "The legend of Zelda: abridged series" on youtube. If you've not seen this series of videos, check it out. They are very funny if you are familiar with OoT.


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Apr 18, 2010
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Well considering that 3 characters (at least they were kind of ambiguous on the Sages) died in OoT: The Great Deku Tree, the soldier, and Dampe The Gravekeeper. With the Deku Tree and Dampe they didn't tip toe around it they outright said that they died.

Why they stated in that instance that he just wasn't moving any more instead of outright saying it is odd.

Well they made a joke out of Dampe, he was a goofy floating ghost with a halo and a minigame of sorts, and the Deku tree was well... a tree. I mean, the Market being demolished and filled with re-deads always gets me, and as a kid it totally freaked me out. "Market" pans up and you're like, "oh crap..." That's worse than the Deku Tree or Dampe imo.

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Apr 11, 2010
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Wow, I had no idea this guy was such a rarity... I feel lucky, I found him by accident on my first game. It wasn't that profound. It was just sorta like, "oh... well that sucks" reaction.

Deku Nutter

I've heard rumours about this but i never remeber to go to the alley just before growing up so this is the first time i've seen it. It's poignant, but subtle, moments like that, that set the Zelda games apart from others. Once you go back in time, technically you go back to exactly this moment so arguably the soldier should be there even when you come back, but he's not so i think that the reason a lot of people miss out on this.

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