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DBZ MAFIA GAME- The Battle for Earth, Z Fighters Vs The Androids

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Oct 25, 2012
F***ing LaLa Land!!!
Earths mightiest forces had recieved word there was a new foe that would appear on the 12th of May at 10am on an island 9 miles south of South City. A mysterious stranger had arrived three years previous to warn them of the foe, the androids. He knew nothing about them other than when and where they would make their debut so no one knew who or WHAT they were looking for. So the team set off for the island. When they made it to South City they split up to look for anything suspicious.The Androids had detected them, however, so they were prepared. The vile creatures would do whatever it took to stop the Z fighters.

Suddenly, BOOM! The entire city explodes!

Hours later, when the dust had settled, everyone began to emerge from the rubble.... Not knowing who was who or what had happened, and so our day begins...


Donno why the it didnt embed at the time I wanted it to.... if you must, go to 6min 30sec thats where I wanted it to start.

1. Do not communicate with each other outside of the game thread.
2. Reveal no information after you've died.
3. Roleclaiming is NOT allowed.
4. Name claiming is NOT allowed.
5. No Lynch is NOT allowed.
6. Do not use your Role PM as evidence.
7. Do not edit your posts.
8. Bold your votes and unvotes.
9. Post all you want at night.
10. Post Death spam is welcome.
11. Extensions will be granted under the right circumstances.
12. Be active or King Kai(aka ME) will mod kill you faster than it took for Namek to explode.
13. Have fun, or King Kai will mod kill you.

If you have an issue with any rule, majority vote can change it.

18 alive takes 10 to lynch, night begins on Sept 3rd at 11pm MST(why almost a whole week? Because Holiday and Im betting there will be a few people gone for the weekend)

1. Dracomajora
2. Musicfan
3. Mido
4. fused_shadows
5. Johnny Sooshi
6. Thareous
7. Kirito
8. Go Skyward
9. Zelda Ali Baba
10. Atty
11. Xyphon
12. TSter the Great
13. Ventus
14. Pendio
15. ALIT
16. justac00lguy
17. pkfroce
18. JJ


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