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Dastardly Deeds


Fuzzy Pickles
Mar 27, 2015
United States
This is something that happened in real life, to "someone I know".

The names have been changed for the safety of those involved.

My friend recently moved into this neighborhood. My friend has a dog, and my friend always takes the dog out on a leash. Partly because he/she is scared his/her dog will run off, but also because it's the law where my friend lives. My friend has a neighbor, and this neighbor is a prick. He lets his dogs poop anywhere they please, and he never picks up after them. He also allows them to roam around without leash. Both of which are illegal AND against the homeowners association legal contract that everyone that moves into my friend's neighborhood had to sign.

Back in February, this evil man was walking his stupid dogs (three of them) and one of them got loose. He ran up to my friend's dog, bearing its teeth and snarling and took a nip at my friend's dog. Instinctually, my friend kicked at the mean dog, because that's what any caring dog owner would do. Well, the evil man became very angry, and yelled, cursed and spit at my friend.

Well, months went by, and my friend got a police notice! Apparently the bad man had reported him to the police for kicking his dog! I'm sure the man didn't mention that his dogs were loose when he fabricated his story.

So now my friend has a personal vendetta against this jerk. Well, today, Fate smiled on my friend, because he got a letter from the evil man to the department of motor vehicles. Inside the letter was a check for the DMV and the man's renewal form. Somehow, this important document had ended up in my friend's mailbox. So he shredded it, along with the check. In a paper shredder.

I know. Diabolical, right? Well, don't lie to the police, and you won't get your DMV forms and check shredded.

So what kinds of dastardly deeds have YOU done?
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Apr 5, 2015
I work as a moderator on a different forum. There was (emphasis on the past-tense) this one member who signed up before any of the moderators did, and came back after three months to make another similarly named account.

That member (using his second account) went up against a moderator and got banned. Then, he came back approximately four times, once even posing as Japanese siblings (and I of course saw through their terrible grammars).

Fairly recently, the member's very first account made its return, and he nagged at the moderators to change his birthdate (which, we do not have the authority to). He ignored everyone and hid his status. Then, he came back about 2 weeks ago with yet another account. By this time, I have been promoted to becoming a staff and we spoke. He requested that his newest account to be deleted in the stead of his original account, to which I deliberately did the opposite by banning the original account.

His account is currently the record-holder to "The Longest Lifespan in the Forum before being Banned".

Moral of the story: Do not make too many alternate accounts if you do not want to be banned, because the moderators will shut you up for good.


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Jun 20, 2014
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All right, so I really liked this girl once, but she had a boyfriend (whom I was friends with) and I was just coming out of seeing someone else. Long story short, I ended up faking an engagement to my friend/her boyfriend in hopes of splitting them up. It didn't work.

Moral: Don't let jealousy get to you. And rebound crushes are not worth it.

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