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Crown Tundra Thoughts


The Destructive One
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Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
What are your thoughts on the latest DLC for Sword and Shield?

Personally I liked it a bit better than Isle of Armor, as it feels like it's got more content and story, and also adds a bit more new Pokémon than the first one did. But it still doesn't make up for how short and bland the main game was. My biggest issue with both the DLC's is the complete lack of random trainers. Both areas are just giant Wild Areas, which is cool in one way, but they feel completely empty, as all that you can find are wild pokémon, raid dens and random items. It can't have been that hard to put some random trainers in there to make it longer and give some sense of progression. Same with the main game. Although there were random trainers on the roads, all of the roads were fairly short and easy, and there are 0% dungeons in the world, everything is basically just a straight path.

But a little bonus point for giving us access to Keldeo! I've been wanting one for ages!


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Aug 31, 2014
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It was much better than I was expecting, although I still prefer the general vibe of isle of armor over the crown tundra. Dynamax adventures are the best pve game mode ever I just wish people weren't so bad at it

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