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Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

Aug 12, 2011
Tingel in MM is so scary :S
That kind of realistic stretched face, with no changes in the expression, and the jumping.....it is so scarrrry.....


1- Redeads in OoT;
2- Those creepy puppets the skull kid calls in TP;
3- And obviously the Moon in MM;
Dec 22, 2011
Happy Mask Salesman in Majoras Mask...
Professor in Lake Hylia lab in Ocarina of time
Those cute cats in skyward sword that turn evil at night
The moon form Majora's Mask!!!


so many little things creep me out more or less. The Sacred grove in Twilight Princess, ReDeads (especially the way they scream) Bongo Bongo, to a lesser degree, the silent realms in Skyward Sword

also the Skull Kid in Twilight Princess, the way he giggles and calls the puppets out to get you. The Skull Kids in Ocarina of Time were kind of cute in a way, how they danced on the stumps while playing their flutes
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the temple of the Ocean King in Phantom hourglass used to freak me out. The 1-hit-die thing. but it was a case of facing the fear and realizing it's a matter of sneaking past. I must say, I don't think it's scary anymore but when I got to the silent realm in SS I almost demanded a refund.
Dec 29, 2011
The forsaken fortress and having to find those orb things in skyward sword where those evil things chase you
Jan 6, 2012
Snow Peak
The Redeads in Oot, SCARED MY CHILDHOOD FOR LIFE! I refused to go in that well, or the royal tomb, and sometimes I wouldn't even turn into an adult because of all the Redeads in the town square. -_-


A good deal of the people from majora's mask, especially tingle and the happy mask salesman, the silent realm (i'm just agreeing with people) the bottom of the well in oot 64, its less creepy in 3D. And I find it creepy when Link goes into ladies' houses and comes out with his health restored.


Personally I couldn't find the sacred grove in Twilight Princess scary at all, not even in the least bit, just because it was really annoying and I was too focused on beating it lol. I found the well from OoT the scariest bit ever... or even in MM when you're going through the sewer. Especially when that skulltula pops out at you suddenly around a corner.

Oh ya also the sacred realms in Skyward Sword when you run out of time...

Sir Analog

Hope Rides Alone
Dec 29, 2011
Clocktown, Termina
Dead Hands, definitely dead hands. Those things are freaky. The entire well and the Shadow Temple used to freak me out when I was a kid. ReDeads in Wind Waker, too. They were 10x scarier than OoT/MM's in so many ways. Then there's the bottom of the well in Ikana Valley. Even now that place creeps me out. Also, the area under the Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword. It was completely unexpected and it was a bit unnerving, especially when the dead came out of the ground and chased me up the rope. :p


Redeads (The Ocarina of Time Redeads are the worst)
and the statue in Majora Mask when you play Elegy of Emptiness D:

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