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Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??



For me..
-going into the lost woods with the creepy skullkid.
-when it turns night in hyrule
-the lake hylia professor,
-happy mask salesman (when he gets mad)
-getting humped by redeads
-some songs in the series (LOL)
-the whole gossip stone "piercing eye" bit. its eerie :eek:ctorok:

and.. more ideas?


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Jun 15, 2010
I have always found the sacred grove in Twilight Princess to be the creepiest thing ever. The giggling of the skull kid with the eerie version of Saria's Song puts a shiver down my spine.
Nov 26, 2008
Great Bay in Majora's Mask. Especially Pinnacle Rock.

I'm a bit of a weird case though. I always enjoy the creepy areas, and have always liked spooky themes (I love going out at night, naturally), so it's pretty hard for the stereotypically scary areas in Zelda games to scare me. That said, I am somewhat claustrophobic, which means I'm afraid of spaces I can't escape, and this manifests the most with underwater spaces, usually enclosed or murky, but also in deep ocean where there is, essentially, no escape. This is not aquaphobia, which is a fear of water in general. It's specifically claustrophobic.

Some other water areas (mainly the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess) have spooked me a little, but none more than Great Bay in Majora's Mask. And not even the dungeon. Just Great Bay. It literally freaks me out. Less so as an adult, but even still. I'm always uncomfortable in Great Bay. I don't like looking out at the ocean there, and I don't like swimming out at all, even close to the shore, because I get freaked out about the idea of not being able to get back (which is funny because I live by the actual ocean and it doesn't bother me; maybe Great Bay's atmosphere and the gameplay element are also getting me). I internally (and briefly) panic when I swim out too far and get put back, and I, naturally, find Pinnacle Rock freaking terrifying because it's...

  • Out in the ocean.
  • Surrounded by a wall of rocks... or the illusion of one.
  • Goes under the ground, even into tunnels on the sides.
  • Is darker than the rest of Great Bay (especially at night, which it was when I first did this part).
  • It's filled with freaky monsters and is not safe.

Pinnacle Rock just gets me because it preys on my personal fears and anxieties. Most people don't ever agree with me.

Oddly enough this is consistent with me. It's the obscure areas I find the most disturbing. Great Bay, and the Haunted Wasteland in Ocarina of Time.

I have always found the sacred grove in Twilight Princess to be the creepiest thing ever. The giggling of the skull kid with the eerie version of Saria's Song puts a shiver down my spine.
Ya, this actually was a surprisingly haunting moment. I won't say it scares me, but I wanted to agree with you that it was eerie, like as possessing the quality of being eerie as opposed to me personally finding it eerie.
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Dec 26, 2011
Skyloft Knight Academy
Character wise Tingle creeps me out he is just messed. Badguy wise Redead and wallmasters creep me out, I hate that music that plays when the wallmasters are starting to drop on you and I start running around going "where is it where is it don't grab me!". I found the shadow temple in OoT to be scary as a kid. It was full of re-dead and wallmasters, had chains and blood everywhere and then to top it all off had hidden walls and things everywhere. Not to mention the creepy music.


As a younger child, I was particularly afraid of the Redeads in Ocarina of Time whether they were in the graveyard or later on in the market place. There was a squating one underneath a tomb that creeped me out more than the ones standing around. Even when they're frozen, I found them so spooky! Instinctively, I always try to avoid areas with any presence of Redeads.


A couple of things.. so here's a list:

1. Redeads (OoT)
2. The moon (MM)
3. Skullkid (MM)
4. Old witches (Oot)
Jul 24, 2011
The Silent Realms, especially when the guardians wake up. When I first got TP (I was 10), the Twilight Realm parts scared me a bit. but not anymore.
Dec 19, 2011
I have this irrational fear of being eaten alive by a fish...
So... uh... I'd have to say the entire Jabu Jabu part of OoT.
I sold my game when I was 11 because I couldn't touch the game after being inhaled...:(
Dec 22, 2011
I think the Imprisoned in Skyward Sword is kinda creepy, screams so loud and his toes look like jelly


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Aug 19, 2011
Somewhere in Hyrule
Here are some of mine. They're not in a spesific order.
Let's see......

- The monsters in the Pinnalce Rock.
- The ReDeads.
- Batreaux(the very first time I saw his face..)
- Yeta/Blizzeta(When she turned her "Blizzeta face" towards us the very first time)
- The Happy Mask Salesman and the kids at the moon.
- The Moon.
- Ooccoos (because I think their faces looks like Voldemort, and I often had dreams of Voldemort killing me when I was younger.)
- Ook (cause I often had dreams as a baby of Tarzan's ape mother tickling me to death.)


Majora's Mask. Byfar the scariest thing. I'm a wussy :P

OMG YES! The silent realms in Skyward Sword scare me so much. Mostly when the guardians wake up. My heart gets all fast and stuff xD
Dec 27, 2011
Majora's Mask all by itself (specially Pinacle Rock monsters and Ikana Valley as a whole)
Bottom of the Well (OOT) (really, I can't stand staying to much time on it)
Shadow Temple (OOT)
Silent Realm (Skyward Sword), specially when the Guardians are awakened
And... I guess that is all...


When you have to sneak by the Moblins in The Wind Waker because you don't have a Sword.
The game Majora's Mask as a whole.
The Happy Mask Salesman, even though he's my favorite Zelda character.

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