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Creative Works Rules (Read Before Posting)

May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
Creative Works Forum Rules
(courtesy of Shadsie)
UPDATED 03/10/14

Any fan art or original art goes to subforum Drawings.
Any fan fiction or original literature goes to subforum Writing.
Any misc. multimedia, including but not limited to videos, music compositions, and 3D crafts, can be posted in the main board.

Below are a list of some general rules for this forum. Any submitted works that do not abide by these rules could be removed. Any posts that may go against some of these rules may also be removed, followed by a PM from a moderator, administrator, or community coordinator.

Respect Fellow Members
As stated in the main Zelda Dungeon Forum Rules.

Compositions produced by others must be attributed to them. Any acts of plagiarism will be infracted. (Infraction: 6 points)

Use the Prefixes Properly
You will notice, when posting a thread, a drop down bar right above the area where you will put the title. All new threads will require a prefix signifying whether it is Zelda, Pokemon or General-related. Make sure to select the correct prefix here.

No explicit porn at all, please.
Violations of this rule may result in immediate banning.

Only Post Your Own Work
Exception is made for cosplay photos in which the photographer did not create the costume, but has permission from the costumer and model to display the artistic photographs.

Keep One Thread Only for a Personal Art Thread or a Videos Thread
Instead of making several threads for various pieces of artwork you drew or several videos you make, keep all your art or videos in one thread. Within your own thread, double posting and reviving if the thread has been inactive for a long time is allowed. This is to prevent crowding of the section.

No Screenshots
Sims photographs or photographs of merchandise. This falls under the “The work should be your own,” rule.

Include OS Info for Fan Games
Make sure you include which operating system it is for (Windows (Specify which version (XP, Vista, 7)), Mac (Specify which version), or Linux), as well as if a certain platform is required (RPG Maker XP, etc). Make sure that it isn't concidered offensive, please.

Constructive Criticism and Flaming
There is a difference between constructive criticism and flames. Know it. Flames will not be tolerated. Flaming consists of negative commentary which offers no advice upon how to improve the work and personal attacks upon the author/artist. Constructive criticism is that which may have something negative to say about a piece, but is respectful to the author/artist and offers advice upon how to improve the work. Remember, kids, no one comes out of the womb a perfect artist, writer, musician or filmmaker. We all start out small and must practice to improve. This should be remembered by both creators and viewers alike (both sides).

Rate All Writings, Artwork, and Games.
G-rated artwork may be direct image linked if you wish (unless the work is on Deviant Art or another site that disallows direct linking). It is generally discourteous to image link from fansites, as that steals bandwidth. If you wish to direct link, make sure your image is on your own site, Photobucket, ImageShack, or a similar service. However, all “strong” works should be behind a cut/offsite link.

This is to protect our younger and more sensitive members. Things like blood and nudity should be behind a cut. Exception is made for audio-visual works which have a “play” frame set on something innocuous – unlike an image-linked artwork which is there for all to see, people have a choice whether or not to hit play, much like they have a choice of going or not going to a hyperlink.

A Guide to General MPAA Ratings
*For Artwork, Fan Fics, Movies, and Music*
G – Suitable for all ages.
PG – Suitable for most ages, but may be inappropriate for very young children.
PG-13 - Suitable for teenagers and older, not suitable for children.
R – Adults/mature only, strongly violent and/or sexual themes and/or strong language.
NC-17 and X – Pornographic and/or above-and-beyond hyperviolent. Forbidden. The rating is only listed for reference. No media should have this rating on this site.

A Guide to General ESRB Ratings
*For Fan Games*
EC - Early Childhood (2+). Mainly educational.
E - Everyone (6+). The basic game. Contains cartoon violence, light language, and minimal blood (Not OoT blood)
E10 - (10+). The rare ranking. Contains mild violence, animated blood, light language, etc.
T - Teen (13+). The more hard core game. Contains mild violence, animated blood, moderate language, drugs, etc.
M - Mature (17+). The uber hard core. Contains intense violence, sexual themes, drugs, blood and gore, intense language, etc.
AO - Adult Only (21+). The most hard core a game can get (Only 23 games are AO). Contains things like sexual references, nudity, drugs, intence violence/profanity, all out blood and gore, etc.
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May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hmmm I have read these, and all things considered, I find them perfectly reasonable. Thanks. But I have a few questions Mosley

1. What if I double posted, and I only did that to extend my fanfic? And I haven't got a response in a day or two? Is that ok? or Is that bad? If it is, then I think I should get infractions, just look at my fic. I do deserve it..-_-

2. Does a post have to be long? I mean really long? because Since double posting is not allowed, I then have to edit my fanfic. And so is there a limit on how long it should be?

3. Does signs of Romance says a PG-15 or a PG-13? Cause I add a bit of romance in my fic. Though only mutual feelings then to gradual love, without explicit scenes nor any signs of explicit actions.


Dec 16, 2009
United States
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I'm pretty sure we can double/triple/whatever post as long as it's only because what we're writing is too long. I'm pretty sure I've seen people like Hylian Knights do it.


Nov 12, 2010
You said nothing pornographic, but for writing, can there be an innuendo without any writing of the actual act?


Sage of Tales
You said nothing pornographic, but for writing, can there be an innuendo without any writing of the actual act?

I had that in mind when I drafted the first draft of the rules... I was thinking that it should be fine to have up to "R" rated work on here, as long as it's warned for. Some of my own fics have stuff like that - where it's *strongly* implied but not described in utter detail (say, a scene with Ganondorf in a bed with a woman playfully trailing a finger down his chest... you know what they were just doing without my having to tell you, don't you)? Even a description like that may be too intense for the young or people with sensitive ideologies, so it's good to warn for it, "PG-13" or "R" or "Teen" depending upon how intense you think the scene is.

The same goes for violence. A lot of my stuff runs in the "PG-13" or "R" range just because I love writing darkfic, though I think there is a difference between "dark" and what some people describe as "gorn." I actually read an excellent article about the art of writing violence in the lastest issue of Poets & Writer's magazine, how "less is more" sometimes becuase the human imagination is wonderful at filling things in and in coming up with truly dark things that may be beyond the scope of a writer to convey.

Er... I say use your best judgement and rate/warn accordingly. Ratings can be such a subjective thing when it comes to writing/text, but if you don't think something is out-and-out porn, but is just a little edgy, just warn. I tend to "warn high" just to be safe.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
With the popularity of fanfiction sign-up threads, a subforum has been created to accommodate all such threads to reduce the clutter in the main Fan Works board. All sign-up threads should now be posted here and all previously made sign-up threads have been moved. The rules have been updated to reflect this.

Clarification about where threads go with the newest subforum divisions have been updated into the rules now as well.
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Hey guys!

Now that we don't have a blog section anymore this forum will be the place where you may post your videos (including from your YouTube channels). There is a limit of one video thread per user in which you may post your videos and all forum rules will still apply. Please refer to the Forum Rules and Fan Works Rules to ensure that your content is not in violation of these rules. If you have any further questions feel free to message myself or another forum staff member.


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Jun 20, 2014
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What if you're the kind of person that writes fanfics but also their own, unrelated, poetry? That is to say, I write LOZ and various other kinds of fics, but I also write general, non-LOZ poetry too. Do I make one thread for my fic and another, more general, thread for my poems?
Oct 20, 2008
What if you're the kind of person that writes fanfics but also their own, unrelated, poetry? That is to say, I write LOZ and various other kinds of fics, but I also write general, non-LOZ poetry too. Do I make one thread for my fic and another, more general, thread for my poems?

Yeah, multiple threads are fine if it's different subject matter. People usually have a couple threads if they do different kinds of works, different themes, etc.

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