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Create a Race

Feb 5, 2011
I apologize to anyone who wanted to make this topic first, but I wanted to ask this for a while.

Most of the time when a new installment in the series comes out, we're introduced to a new race, sometimes they're permanent, other times there just a one time thing. So, say you'd like to make a suggestion to Nintendo or if you're writing a fanfiction and you have a specific character or group in mind that wouldn't fit with any race already established.

List the following:

Here's an example:
Name: The Harpians
Appearance: Human-like beings with talons for legs and talon-like hands with their arms covered in feathers. Males have long beak-like noses where as women are more human-like in facial appearance and are regarded for their beauty. They also have Hylian ears. They are in some way the predecessors to the Rito, who evolved from the Zora.
History: A race that lives far South of the Hyrule kingdom, the Harpians are a race of bird people who live on mountaintops. Despite the women being known for their almost angelic beauty, they are considered to be more agile and dangerous than the males, who are the foot soldiers. Because of their solitary way of life, they aren't truly accepted by the rest of Hyrule, only aiding when they themselves are facing a common enemy.
Clothing: While they use feathers of other birds to make clothes, they also wear armor, giving the women a very Amazonian look. The men wear old rags, showing how they are beneath the women.
Culture: Women are considered the best of the race, being more agile and deadly. Only strong males are allowed to compete in challenges and the one man to defeat their tribe leader's daughter, the princess, earn's her hand in marriage. They have a very solitary way of like and look down on outsiders unless they prove themselves in battle. Like the citizens of Skyloft, their are named after birds. They have a very Greek like look.
Falcona - Princess of the tribe who is very battle crazed and, because he bested her in battle, wants Link for her mate.
Sparawk - The most skilled male of the tribe who has a crush on Falcona and for that he considers Link his rival despite his insistence that he doesn't want to be her husband.
Owru - The elder sage and Falcona's godmother.
Crowalok - An outcast member who defied the rules of tribe and was banished who becomes a villain. He too wants Falcona.

There's another one in my head, but I want to see at least 2 by someone else first.
Sep 4, 2011
Just use the old ones like in TP, they were all united and you saw many Gorons and Rutos so it should just have tons of appearances from TP.


Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
Just use the old ones like in TP, they were all united and you saw many Gorons and Rutos so it should just have tons of appearances from TP.

I'd like to know what exactly you're talking about.

Something else I'd like to know is if, instead of making a new race, we could heavily expand on a race already in the series.

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