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Crazyfreak Artwork Thread

Oct 27, 2009
Didn't really know where to post this...

Some of you might know me of "Northcastle and Zeldadungeon" updates...

My favorite character is actually Ganondorf, especially Ganondorf from Ocarina of time / Windwaker.



I also do little comics like these


Note: Princess Zelda is also one of my favourite characters =D

I'll update more if I have more art to update =P


Sage of Tales
I'd say to go post in the Fan Works forum, but I think the Graphics forum is appropriate, too. (It's where people here posted fanart before the Fan Works Forum came to be).

You do draw Ganondorf quite sexfully, and I like your gender-ambiguous Shiek there!

I've seen the comic over on Deviant Art. *Laughing* Poor Zelda.


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
Nice artwork (a lot more awesomeness then what I make :()

One little mod complaint though, can you reduce the size of your pictures? They take a long time to load and they mess up the forum layout a bit. If you don't want to resize them you can also post links to the pictures :)


Game Over
Nov 9, 2009
Land of Shattered Hopes
I love your drawings of Ganondorf. They portray him wonderfully.
Your Zelda and Link drawing for Spirit Tracks is one of my favourites, Zelda looks beautiful with the orbs of light surrounding her.

Overall your work is brilliant. I can't wait to see more.

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