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Majora's Mask Crashing on Collectors Edition Disc

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Jul 24, 2010
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I actually heard that the game doesn't crash as much in Collector's Edition if you turn the rumble feature off.
Yes, that's true. Even though I keep rumble on I can only recall my game crashing three times in the past year. Saving often makes these crashes less of a pain. I've learned from experience (Had to redo the Stone Tower, half of the Stone Tower Temple, and several side quests).


It's crashed twice for me on the GC collectors disk. The first time was in the middle of the Snowhead temple. I was punching a clay pot for some magic and it froze mid punch. And the controller wouldn't stop rumbling. I honestly thought my game was haunted for a while. :(
Nov 29, 2010

I started a new file on majoras mask yesterday. I played on the wii via the GC zelda collectors edition disc. However, the game crashed on me in clocktown - when I left town, before it changed scene, the screen froze and stayed black. I couldn't do anything about this except turn the power off and lose my saved progress...

Now, I read up on this afterwards. And apparantly, MM on the GC zelda collectors edition disc crashes a lot... so I know it's not just me. I am not too far on the game, so I am thinking of just downloading it for the virtual console instead and starting again.

My question is: Does MM work fine on the virtual console? No crashing like the version I'm currently playing on?

Perhaps it would be better playing MM on the collectors disc,playing ot on the Wiii.
I have found lots of games crash whe played on the GC.
I do not think its the game i think its the GC's fault.


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Aug 31, 2009
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Mying has crashed maybe once or twice but I have played through the game dozens of times so at least for me the game seems to not have very many problems. But I do know of others who have either no trouble at all or sometimes a lot of trouble. I guess it depends on the disk.
Nov 29, 2010
Mying has crashed maybe once or twice but I have played through the game dozens of times so at least for me the game seems to not have very many problems. But I do know of others who have either no trouble at all or sometimes a lot of trouble. I guess it depends on the disk.
It just seems to be hot and miss whether it crashes or not.
Its sad some people have such bad luck.
I used to play my collectors disc on the GC and it did crash.
Since i played it on the Wii its never crashed and ive played it for many thousands of hours.
But mine is the Pal eeuro version maybe that has a bearing.
I remember hearing the ntsc version of Metroid prime one crashed when you went on the lifts.
never heard of such a thing happening on the Pal euro version.


as far as emulators, no. u really have to be careful with VCs, MM does crash on the wii but i have a GC, never crashes, EVER.


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Dec 6, 2008
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If it helps, it has been confirmed that the game does not freeze as often if you have the rumble feature turned off. I've played through it this way, and it froze only once, and that was when the game was nearly 100% complete.

As for the VC...some people claim it never freezes, others claim it does. Either way, it's a large game with the time system and all, and the game is emulated on the GCN and VC, not a direct port.


MM hasn't crashed for me at all on the gcn surprisingly. The closest I've gotten to a crash is a lag in clock town when I just started playing it. I guess it must depend on the disc.

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Jul 2, 2011
Out of the many years I've had MM on collector's edition, it only crashed on my three times.
1. I went down the grotto in front of the observatory. I never really did reach the bottom... (I turned off and then on, tried again, and it was fine)
2. I pulled out my ocarina to play for the guay that circles clock town. Once I did, it crahed
3. I played the goron's lullaby for biggoron. When he was out of the way, I curled up and started to roll, and it crashed


I've beaten the game twice on the GC Collector's Edition disc. The worst I've experienced was some lag in various areas including South Clock Town. My disc is pretty scratched up as well. I'm assuming it's only certain copies of the game.


The Collectors Edition vesion of Majora's Mask used to crash fairly frequently for me when I had a Gamecube, but when I got my Wii the crashes ceased and have never looked back... I can now leave the game on for hours and experience no difficulties whatsoever. :) You guys are adviced to try playing the disk on the Wii instead of the gamecube if problems arise.


I have the collectors disc and its never crashed once for me. I don't any advice to offer (sorry). Good luck though. Also I agree with VGnerd. I also believe it's only certain copies of the game.
May 11, 2011
I started this thread a while back now, but just for the record, I ended up downloading MM for the VC and experienced no crashes at all. Completed the game after about a week, not a single crash, so I'm assuming it's the GC collectors disc only that crashes

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