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Could Bellum Be an Incarnation of Majora's Mask?



I agree with the other posts that the Realm of the Ocean King is not a flooded Termina. However, it might be possible that Bellum reincarnation of Majora's spirit. If Majora is indeed the devil then I don't think it would matter whether it's in a dream world or Hyrule, it would still be the devil. Yeah, the time line totally disproves your theory, but it was a pretty interesting read.


Okay, if one game, Majoras Mask, is on one side of the timeline, and one, Phantom Hourglass, is on the other, then how does the evil cross the timeline!? I don't think it can be possible.


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Oct 9, 2010
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I would like it if someone created fan fiction that explored this idea. Perhaps something that talks about how Majora started out, became trapped in the mask, left the mask, became Bellum, and was finally defeated. Preferably from Majora's own perspective.

I agree, This would be a great fan fic, I would love to do it myself but I would prefer if Aelic7 gave me permission before I started but keep in mind I am still in school I wouldn't I have much time to write. With H'ween holidays coming up soon I would have more time but there are so many better candidates than me, I am only 13 so its not going to be perfect. I would prefer to do it from links perspective though because there is so much more room for plot twists and character development.


Jun 14, 2010
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I allways take Bellum as other form of Vaati, think about it. Both are one huge eyed based creatures, bith have tentacles with eyes at the ends. To me it makes sense, maybe they are parallel to themselves (since one uses wind other water)
They look a lot alike, I dont see how can they be Majora
Oct 17, 2009
this theory really seems likely, what with all the similarities and whatnot, but when you look at the timeline it's impossible. as a matter of fact termina would have been destroyed by the moon in the AT, although its possible that it is still PH's world. Still bellum, would not be there if it was created the way you say.
Sep 17, 2010
But if MM's world is truly an alternate dimension, then the timeline in the world of Hyule literally wouldn't matter at all ;) If Termina was an alternate dimension in the Child Timeline, it could either be unaffected by the split timeline, or have another alternate dimension in the Adult timeline, which could or could not be the world PH takes place in. I'm not saying I believe the theory, I don't usually believe anything that relies heavily on speculation.

agreed most likely either connected to both timelines or parralelled on both.

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