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Corrupt a wish!

Apr 3, 2012
You will get a volcano, but it will explode and cause havoc to your home and your family.

I wish for an unlimited supply of good fantasy books and good video games for me to enjoy.
Nov 28, 2011
Granted, but no one has any problems ever again so you are not able to profit from the cure at all.
I wish that Alabama was destroyed.

Granted, but you can't wish for it because you used up your one wish to know what you want to wish for.

I wish for a volcano.

Billy and Mandy reference for the win
Granted, but you were there without permission when it happened, and your absense(now death) caused your family to go insane trying to find you murdering everyone you ever knew slowly to find answers as to where you were/what happened.
I wish I could read something once and remember it clearly for the rest of my life.
Dec 19, 2011
Merritt Island FL
Well now you can conduct electricity, but the resulting factor of obtaining this power might be rather shocking...

I wish to have more time on my hands to read all the posts on ZeldaDungeon like I had last year.

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