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Correct by Ganondorfs, But Could You Check by Triforce, Etc.

Aug 7, 2008
This discussion has gone in too many directions to fully respond to everything, but it seems the root of the debate is about the placement of LoZ/AoL stemming from the original suggestion that a MM time split is the best way to make them fit given the inconsistencies with putting them anywhere else.
Having said this, it is important to remember that the real trick with making LoZ/AoL fit a timeline is accounting for the AoL back story. However, if you place LoZ/AoL at the END of any timeline, it can work as long as you allow enough time between LoZ and whichever game is before it for things to change. The problem with this strategy is that it leaves to much room for speculation, something that seems to be creeping into this discussion more and more. The more we speculate, the more doubtful a timeline is, so it is best to stick to in game information as much as possible.

We know that LoZ/AoL has to be in the AT because the town names are based on the OoT sages who would never have been awakened as sages in the CT. One can only place AoL/LoZ before WW if we take the WW backstory to refer to some game other than OoT, ALttP for instance, but then squeezing in the AoL BS is really sticky. The best strategy is the make LoZ/AoL a post flood Hyrule. Then we are left with two options. Either LoZ/AoL are directly after the flood (though much time may have passed) or other games take place in between. I defend the view that no other games fall in between (accept maybe ST) but since I've not played spririt tracks yet, I'll not get into that now.

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