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Contest Unfair Infractions Here

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This thread is replacing the old version of this thread to avoid any reply issues that may arise due to Force-Ignore now and in the future.

You may post in this thread if you feel that you have received a warning or infraction that was unfair. Posts to this effect should be made here in this thread exclusively, and not in other areas or threads on the forum. This thread is only to be used if it is completely necessary, before replying here you must:

1. PM the Moderator/Administrator that gave you the infraction, or another Moderator/Administrator that you feel comfortable talking to. Explain your viewpoint and give them a reasonable amount of time to reply (48 hours would be reasonable, as we all have lives outside the forum too).

2. If you do not receive a response or are unhappy with the response, you may PM Jimmu (or Djinn in times that Jimmu is away). Again, give a reasonable amount of time for us to reply.

3. If you do not receive a response or you think that we are being unreasonable/unfair you may reply here then and only then. If you reply here or make a thread without attempting to sort issues out privately first we will trash/remove the post and your warning/infraction will not be negotiated any further.

This thread will be opened upon request only after the proper steps have been followed as outlined above. It will remain locked at other times.

When issues involve multiple members we prefer to solve issues in private conversations with all involves members and Moderators/Administrations if possible, we are happy to facilitate that if it is deemed reasonable during the first 2 steps above.

If you do post in this thread keep your replies civil, calm, and respectful. This applies to everyone inclusive of all Staff Members. We do not want to have flame wars or sarcastic/joke replies in here.
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Jul 1, 2012
I like it, less crying and complaining when things don't go your way and instead discuss it civily rather than vilifying everyone. If only this was in place back when I was a Mod.
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