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Zelda Art Contest Idea, I Want Your OPINION (CONCEPT ART)

Nov 30, 2009
My idea was, i would give a theme. Usually an enemy, something similar to that. And you would come up with the concept art for it.

Say, i wanted you to design a Baby Gohma, for Skyward Sword.

You would have to draw the enemy, explain how it would act, what kind of weapons it would be weak against, etc. That being said, the entry would consist of a couple drawings of the enemy, (Different angles, different poses, showing it off), labels around these pictures (Pointing out what makes it special, its weak points, its invulnerable points, etc), and maybe a paragraph explaining its habitat, its attitude towards others, etc. Being as detail as possible.

Who would be interested in something like this?

I was thinking about a different kind of scoring methods. I was thinking of creating a rubric of how it would be graded. Something like this:

Art Quality - Up to Five points (Based on Effort, not just overall good looking.)
Design Quality - Up to 10 Points (Based on relevance to the game its supposed to be in, originality, and other factors.)
Descriptiveness - Up to 10 Points (How clear it is what your enemy is supposed to do/act/think.)
Presentation - Up to Five Points (I dont want a nasty mess of good ideas. Take your time, make it look nice.)

One last thing, Should this be a Bi-Weekly event? Since theres so much to think about?


This sounds really interesting. I'd enter this. [:
Nov 30, 2009
Awesome. I hope people do, i know sometimes contests arent entered, (Like some of Random Person's. He inspired me to make this kind of contest though. Creds to him, lol)


But you called me here...
Aug 6, 2010
This sounds very familiar to the Random Drawing Contest. We have three established competitions that use varying mediums for the contests. The Graphics Community Competition is all about computer art and image manipulation. The Random Drawing Contest is all about hand/computer drawn images that match a certain theme. And The Music Community Competition is all about musical talent in all of its forms.

Your idea sounds a little too much like the Random Drawing Contest. The only real difference that I see is that you want it to just be about concept art. The established parameters in the Random Drawing Contest allow for that type of art.

I would personally suggest to Random Person that you would like the subject of the contest to deal more with some of the contest art, rather than some of his subject. You could probably ask him to do some form of schedule that allows for concept art subjects about every second or third week. If there are enough people that agree with you, he'd probably agree.

I'm not saying that this contest isn't a bad idea, I just think that ZD should stick with the three contests that are established for the time being. Especially if a new contest idea is very similar to one of the current and established ones.


Oct 10, 2011
Sounds like a cool contest! I'm sure that will bring interesting results!


Hero of the Zora
Nov 5, 2010
This sounds like a really cool contest that I would totally enter. However, I feel like this seems more like a "project" sort of thing.

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