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Conquer Hyrule As Ganondorf

Jan 24, 2010
I was thinking, what if this game took place after OOT, and before WW. Doesn't he technically conquer Hyrule? Then the Godesses intervene? Given we know what happens to him in the end. But wouldn't it be interesting to see how the events played up to the flooding?

I've never played WW, never had the chance to. So I may be wrong...


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Jan 31, 2010
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Considering the timeline of Link the Game can't take place after OoT and before WW. Yeah in the Mario games you are able to play Bowser like in Super Paper Mario and Inside Bowser. And in Lord of the Rings Conquest you can even play the Evil Campaign were you have to kill all good guys like Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond and even kill all the Hobbits in the Shire. This shows what would happen IF Frodo failed to destroy the Ring. Why shouldn't there be a Zelda Game where you can play Ganon and destroy Hyrule and the temples? It would be fun to se it from the bad guy's perspective :D

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Nov 13, 2009
If anyone here has played sonic adventure 2 (with or without battle), it has something very close to what we are talking about. there is a hero story and an evil story. they each line up so you can see the game from both sonic and eggmans perspectives. It also gives you the time and date at the beginning of each cutscene letting you know when something happened relatively to another linking each stage together in some way.
In my opinion, a ganondorf spin-off would be a great idea. Seriously, why haven't they made one yet when they have tingle ones!!


Why not have a game where you play as Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda.

The story could be that the reincarnations of Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda, who have no memory of the past and they all live in the same village, become best friends when they are very young. One day they are playing a game when they come along the entrance to the Sacred Realm. Once they enter, the triforce symbol on there hands appears and starts to glows. Then each triforce part emerges from there hands returning the triforce to it's original state. After that, the gods appears and sent all three kids to different parts of the world, at least one of them ends up and somewhere other then Hyrule.

So then you get to decide who you want to be first Link, Ganondorf or Zelda. Each of them goes through 3-4 unique dungeons, gaining a unique item in each one, on their quest to return to there village. Once you make it back to the sacred realm as one of the children, you take control of the next one, then finally take control of the third one. Once they all make it back to the Sacred Realm, at the same point in time through different entrances, you get to choose which character you use for the rest of the game, and that character touches the triforce first. Once your character reachs the triforce, it again breaks into three pieces.

You then at that moment get to fight one of the two remaining children, the one you don't fight becomes the final boss. Once you defeat the child you choose, you get there triforce and items. Finally, you go through 4-5 more dungeons before finally battling the final boss.

Once you beat the game, you have to choice of going back and making different choices for a different ending. The last 4-5 dungeons you go through will be the same no matter who you choose, but you will have to get through them completly different ways depending on what items you have.

That's all I can think of, it may not be much, but if you added the right elements I think it could make an amazing game.


I was also thinking about somthing like this, it could be about how Ganondorf became evil.


It could work as a spin off to the Zelda games I would enjoy it but it would probably be similar to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days in taking away some of the key elements like not exploring dungeon but then again you could go through the temples and kill the sages or something personaly I think it could work :)

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