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Competitor to the Thread "Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in Zelda Dungeon History"


God-King of Teh Intarwebz
Dec 10, 2011
Clearly in ur tube, blockin ur internets.
Son: Dad, why do you always let Mom push you around?
Dad: Well, son, when you were born, I made a deal with your mother. I would get to name you if I always did what she asked, no exceptions.
Son: Was it worth it?
Dad: Yes it was, Goku, yes it was.
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Flirtatously Flirty
Aug 13, 2011
Over-used topic for a thread but oh well~

I love all of you guys because you wanna know why well ill tell you you're all so facking kawaii desu so that amg i can't stand it and so thus ends the fabulous tale of why i love you good day and good night


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