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Breath of the Wild Companion in Zelda Wii U?

Discussion on TLOZ Breath of the Wild
Jun 16, 2013
Desert Wastlands
I think that in Zelda Wii U we will see another companion. Now I say that it's going to be a totally new one, that we have never seen before. And this time I think it'll be like another humorous one (like Minda), and not really an informal one (like Fi). I really enjoy Minda and the humorous ones, so I'm wanting them to have that type of partner in this game. The companion may be an important part to the story like most modern ones are. What do you think? What kind of partner would you like to see, a informal one or a humor one? Do you even want to see any companions at all?


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Feb 9, 2013
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If the game will take in between OoT and TP, I think we might see Navi or Midna again. But something tells me if that will be the case, it'll most likely be Navi. Even if is Navi, it'll still possible we might see Midna again too, just not as a companion.
Apr 12, 2013
We're almost certainly going to get another companion. We've had one in every 3D Zelda so far. This doesn't mean I think Zelda Wii U necessarily needs one, of course. In fact, I'd prefer it if Nintendo left the sidekick out this time around. Not because I hate companions or anything. I even like Navi to a certain extent. But I want Zelda on the Wii U to change things up when it comes to the series' cliches, and Link constantly being nannied by a sidekick is a pretty blatant one.

However, as much as I want them to, companions aren't likely to go away anytime soon. The fact that Link never talks almost makes it necessary for him to be accompanied by another character for narrative purposes. They also provide a convenient way to integrate the game's hint system without breaking immersion. As long as the next companion isn't overly intrusive, things will probably turn out fine. After all, some of the most likable -or at least memorable- characters in the series have been Link's sidekicks.

To answer the OP's question, I'd prefer a companion with more personality this time around. Especially since Fi went off the scale in terms of how robotic and colorless she was for most of the game.

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Dec 2, 2012
I like personality, humour, and non-annoyingness. Example: Midna. Midna is my favourite companion of all in the series, and that it mostly because she is the most, hmm... involved? I dunno. She has a lot of character development, which is a first for any major companions. She has tons of personality, which develops from a complete ***** at the beginning, to somebody that I can actually feel sympathetic for. This is something I want from companions. I am not saying we need another Midna, who goes from rude imp at the beginning to beautiful princess at the end, but we should at least have somebody with character. We need companions that are more like Midna, somebody that actually feels like company.

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