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Communal Showers

Wisdom Triforce

Call of duty FTL (spits)
(I can already feel the achward) Anyway what do you think of them. I think they aren't that bad except when there is that one person there who doesnt get your not suppost to pee on people. True story too that happened to a guy in our school right in front of me it was groos. Anyway back on subject what do you think of them
Sep 25, 2011
It wouldn't be the showers that's bad as much as it is people you have to share with.


The Quiet Man
It wouldn't be the showers that's bad as much as it is people you have to share with.

Which could be summed up as: "Random people I only know because they could be far relatives / grandmother(father) / the weird girl or guy that has a crush on me for no apparent reason at all since I was 5 and follows my every step and invites me to eat but I always decline no matter what because he or she creeps the heck out of me / the guy that always leaves all day to come back to his home in the middle of the night or even at late hours sometimes in a very expensive car and sometimes disappears for days making me suspect of his job anjd making me think that he's a person who deals an immoral business of an illegal nature but maybe I'm just too paranoid to admit he's just a busy guy and I watch too much TV for my mental sanity making me think crazy stuff up because I'm bored / that person that lives besides my house since I can remember but I don't know him or her very well (also known as: just a neighbor) / the same as the third thing I mentioned but the other way around".

Now, with that out of the way: I know a few people that wouldn't be very uncomfortable with that, since a lot of guys at school are used to a similar thing already. Many of them are sports people, and I'm not really surprised, because lockers are pretty similar to communal showers in that sense. I'm not saying that I'd be comfortable with that, though. I'm way too shy to even think of showing my own face. lol
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