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What do you think Cloning?

  • I support it.

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • I oppose it

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • I have no say regarding this

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Peter Pan
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Aug 16, 2019
Cloning is the process of producing individuals by applying Genetic Engineering .This could derive countless benefits for human beings. This apart, there are many ethical concerns regarding cloning.
Let us look in to cloning and why it's supported/ opposed

Cloning uses vectors to carry DNA into the host organism and imbue the required traits.
The "vectors" may be plasmids that are disarmed which may otherwise be harmful. For eg:- Ti plasmid which is tumour inducer can be disarmed and used as a vector

  • We can harvest organs from the GMOs and can save countless of lives
  • We can lead the species which are undesirable to human beings into extinction by developing superior species which can invade the former species' resources
  • We can use them for doing researches. ie developing a medicine for AIDS using a "Lab rat"
  • We can use them for things we ourselves aren't able to do
  • Clonings which have failed can cause the organism to be maimed and die within a few hours of birth
  • It may cause undesirable extinctions due to competition.
  • Every living being has an intrinsic value. They couldn't just be slaughtered for organs

Religious views:
Islam is opposed to human cloning. According to Islam, cloning of the entire human body is forbidden because of the following reasons:
It contradicts the diversity of creation.
The relationship between donor and clone can not be determined.
Cloning only requires one gender for genetic information which opposes the natural pattern of creating life by the pairing of a male and a female.


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Jul 6, 2011
Cloning could be very useful for studying disease and medicine in the human body and for regrowing bodyparts for a host. The human brain is capable of outlasting the rest of the body so if brain transplants become possible an older brain could be put into a genetically identical body allowing the person to continue to live beyond a natural lifespan.

I think the only problem is if they allowed normal brains to develop in clones thus creating a full human being. As i don't think non consenting human beings should be used for experiments growing one for this purpose would go against that. Instead, a genetic alteration could be added to prevent brain development within the clone ensuring a conscious being is never created.
Jul 14, 2019
I am for the cloning of individual structures within the body, but remain opposed to the idea of cloning entire human bodies even if the intent is to allow them to live normal lives. Cloning organs and vessels within the body could provide fantastic medical treatment in the future for ailments we currently have no consistent treatment for, and as there is no consciousness involved in the process I hope that scientists continue to push in this direction. However, the idea of cloning entire conscious beings is problematic to me for a few reasons. Most of which have already been covered within the posts that precede me. However, there is another that concerns me and that is the idea that the clone may not wish to even be a clone.

If someone were to tell me now that I was a clone I would be disappointed and probably enter some sort of existential crisis. The traits I view as inherently me are no longer inherently me and I would have to resolve my own view of myself with the idea that some genetically identical copy exists out there. Interestingly I don't think I would feel quite the same if given the news that I was an identical twin, but the difference there is that there is no original. As a clone I am secondary, and my existence is based on the artificial involvement of some human decision.

Whilst that would never make me wish I didn't exist, I do have to wonder if some people would rather not exist at all than to live as a clone. If so, some clones themselves would likely feel the same way and would not be given the opportunity to make that choice.
Jul 14, 2019
No one was given the choice to exist, though. Your parents decided that.
You're right, and the process of cloning is only as artificial as things like IVF and such other fertility treatments. The difference in my head, however, is that by being born a clone you are being born as a sort of secondary being. At least in the minds of those who wish to reason that way.

The only thing I can really compare it to is if someone gave you the option to choose between a first edition copy of a classic book or a more recent reprint 86 years after the fact. Most people would choose to go for the first edition even away from potential financial gain down the line. They're both the same book, they're both composed of the same ingredients and functionally are capable of the same artistic power, but for some reason we attribute greater significance to first editions of things for sentimental reasons that no-one can really explain.

I feel like the loss of individuality, and dignity in the eyes of those not willing to look past the sentimentality of not being the "original" being is an inherent disadvantage that were passing on to a being before they're even given chance to understand what they are.

I suppose you could again reason this with the IVF treatments in that even today many people view children born through such measures as illegitimate or unnatural. However, they still posses a humanity of their own that a clone loses from the get go in sharing the exact same genetic material as the person they've been spliced from. If this were the only concern with cloning I perhaps would reason that we could push through the ethics of this in the name of science and human prosperity. The fact is though that it's only one con in a faulty comprehensive list of other downsides which only makes me further reject the notion of human cloning for now.

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